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Advertisement - Increasing Awareness and Preference for Brands

We can help our clients build a strong brand in the minds of a relevant audience from the ground up, as well as accelerating and establishing a brand’s position and awareness in a world where consumers are moving away from traditional advertising platforms. In case required, we have splendid partnerships with media agencies.

Diverse marketing programs

We have a long history in the development, planning, and execution of national as well as international advertising programs. The subject of the program varies from public information over product advertising to advertising as part of corporate branding programs. We can ideate across traditional above the line and below the line, digital and social platforms or channels, and most often, we combine data, creativity, and technology to connect various touch points to create a coherent and unique omnichannel brand experience.

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Mads Haupt Toft, Industry Lead for Telecom, Retail, Fashion & Lifestyle, Pharma

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