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Integrated Communication - Greater impact at a Lower Cost

There are numerous opportunities to communicate with existing and potential clients, but the effectiveness varies across platforms. This entails an intricate challenge as fragmented communication risks diluting the core message and the perception of a brand. For target groups to sustain a consistent image of what a brand stands for it is vital to communicate a coherent message across all channels. In Charlie Tango, integrated communications are embedded in everything we do.

Consistent message across platforms

We help our clients conceptualize, plan and execute integrated communication campaigns to ensure messages are coordinated across and tailored to, e.g., email, website, television, advertisements and social media. This includes a thorough analysis of the target audience. Following the integrated communication strategy, we ensure that our clients' core messages remain consistent regardless of the platforms. These messages will reinforce each other, increasing the overall effectiveness. By keeping audiences engaged through more effective campaigns, sales and awareness are boosted, while increased efficiency leads to reduced costs. In short, an integrated communication strategy maximizes impact while minimizing costs.

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Mads Haupt Toft, Industry Lead for Telecom, Retail, Fashion & Lifestyle, Pharma

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