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A team of highly experienced advisors

Before determining the ideal solution, it is essential to know what the problems are. With the CX/CCM Advisory Service, our clients benefit from 30+ years’ experience in resolving customer communication management (CCM) related issues.

Proven methodologies

Addressing specific problems and pain points, we use methods and frameworks such as customer journey mapping, co-creation workshops, solution and product conceptualizations, sprint sessions and similar.

The result is that by taking a point of departure in our clients' specific situation and the challenges they face and addressing these with modern frameworks, methodologies, and tools, we work together towards a solution that significantly improves CCM/CX efforts.

Significant and tangible benefits

  • Channel Optimization –Touchpoint and customer journey maps allow us to visualize interactions and touchpoints that a given persona has with our clients' products or services.
  • Remove redundant touchpoints –by creating touchpoint and customer journey maps, we not only focus on the details of a particular touchpoint but have the opportunity to see all touch points and how they interact with each other.
  • Increase customer loyalty – By addressing customers’ needs, our clients' products or services become relevant. It ultimately leads to customers trusting them and recommending them to others.
  • Increased knowledge of the client's business – Touchpoint and customer journey mappings and an optimized visual identity can only be successful if a client is aligned across key departments in their organization.
  • Cost reductions and increased operational efficiency –By optimizing customer touchpoints, leveraging digital platforms and improving the customer experience, operations become much more efficient and costs are reduced as a result.

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