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CXPaaS - Customer Experience as a Platform

At Charlie Tango, we have leveraged 30+ years of handling customer communication management and the experience gained from serving 800+ clients to introduce Customer Experience as a Platform (CXPaaS). In brief, CXPaaS is a customizable portfolio of products, services, and technology that manage and optimize your CX efforts across the omnichannel. CXPaaS empowers clients with large customer bases to create exceptional omnichannel experiences, journeys, and relationships.

Facilitating, optimizing and driving CX efforts

From a capabilities standpoint, CXPaaS offers the following:

  • Expert advisory/consulting– assess the state of CX, diagnose the cause behind pain points and recommend a course of action to address these.
  • Technical foundation/Analytics Services – platforms and deployment to best fit in with our clients' IT infrastructure/architecture, data consolidation, and management, cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to get the most out of their data
  • Engagement Foundation and ancillary products/services – world-leading client communication management/output management solution coupled together with value-added document/marketing services and functional capabilities such as signing, payment, reporting, archiving and more.
  • Omnichannel – Clients' output can be sent/displayed through multiple channels on any number of devices – with a uniform experience regardless of their customers' preferred channels.
  • Operational Services –having CX solutions implemented by those who know them best and ensure that the solution is much more than the sum of its parts. Similarly, training equips users to get up to speed quickly and maximize the utility of the solution.

Fully customizable to match business requirements 

We use a portfolio of products, services, and technologies to tailor our solution to the unique requirements of our clients. Leveraging our technology partnerships with global leaders, we combine Charlie Tango’s solutions with proven solutions from select third parties to ensure that they have the most optimal infrastructure with which to support their CX efforts. CXPaaS integrates with several best-of-breed applications and binds these together into a cohesive, highly automated CX workflow.

CXPaaS supports the entire value chain, from the creative/ideation phase through to building a solution to meet unique needs and onward to omnichannel distribution and ongoing operations.

  • Identify the source of pain pointsand have a tailor-made solution built to address unique needs
  • Best in class functional capabilitiesensure that our clients are running their CX/CCM efforts on world-leading, proven solutions powered by modern, cutting-edge technologies
  • Comprehensive analytics powered by market leadersgive our clients an up to date overview of their business – past, present, and future - and lead to more informed decisions
  • Single point of contact – address any issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Leverage your data - regardless of what format it is in. CXPaaS consolidates data from multiple sources (including legacy systems), transforming it into a goldmine of information our clients can use as part of their CX/CCM efforts.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about how to get started with CXPaaS, we encourage you to reach out to Christian Staalby, Senior Client Service Director, for a copy of our CXPaaS whitepaper. See the contact information below.

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