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Large amounts of data potentially contain a significant value when analyzed rigorously. Continuously learning from data is, however, hard. Our team of data science experts helps our clients turn data into insights that enable them to make data-driven decisions.

Accessible AI & Machine Learning solutions

Enterprises have tremendous amounts of data but often do not use it for value creation. The primary reason is that no human can comprehend such data sets and it is costly to programme computers to analyse it. With a significant increase in the availability of machine learning technologies and sufficient cloud-based computing power at a reasonable price, this technology becomes increasingly accessible.

Understanding data

It is, however, not enough to upload all the data to a cloud to get actionable insight. Data has to be understood, kneaded, prepared and restructured, and training for specifically defined purposes must be done before machine learning can be used in applications.

Charlie Tango's data scientists can make this possible in our clients' organizations together with their business specialists and data owners.

Make informed business decisions

Making better business decisions in the enterprise or suggesting better offers or actions to customers adds value. Suggesting “next best action” to customers, based on machine learning allows for a much more detailed and personalized experience.

Offering relevant options to customers will increase the conversion rate in marketing or make the customer feel understood. Deciding the channel of engagement can be automated based on the customer's behavior and, e.g., the sentiment of the customer.

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