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Robotics - automating repetitive manual tasks

Automating business processes can help our clients reduce costs, but not all existing software cost-effectively allows for automation. With robotics, the current legacy software can be automated through its existing user interface.

Accelerate digitization by automating repetitive tasks

Imagine an insurance company building a new digital customer experience for receiving claims. The company uses a legacy claims system, resulting in all incoming claims having to be entered into the legacy system manually by an employee. It does not have to be that way. Entering the data into the legacy system can be automated using a software robot to use the existing user interface of the legacy system.

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With software robotics, our clients can accelerate automation and achieve cost reductions even before the entire legacy system has been replaced with a modern service-enabled system. It will ensure early gains of the often long-running IT replacement programs and following integrations to old hard-to-integrate systems and allow them to take leaps toward digital processes.

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Martin Nebelong Olsen, Lead for Technical Partnerships

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