A world-class toolbox for remote working

All the tools you need to survive for the coming period while working from home

In a time where we are all - more or less - grounded due to the Coronavirus, it´'s time to learn new skills and to upgrade on everything it takes to become a professional remote worker. Freelancers have already refined these skills to perfection, so now it´'s up to the rest of us to draw on their expertise and experience and to build the right toolset for ourselves.

Having worked in the digital area since 1995, I have been through a ton of tools and solutions, but now that everything is cloud-based and available as subscription services, it has never been easier. Pretty much all tools are available in a free-to-try version, so you can figure out which ones work best for you, your role and job situation.

I have collected all the tools that I find relevant and necessary as part of a full-grown toolbox. I have added links to their website and a price indication (they all come with different subscription possibilities, so I have chosen the one, that I find most relevant as a starting point) to make it as easy as possible for you to get an overview and to get started.

Of course, it adds up economically, so choose wisely and maybe start with the 5 most important solutions you don'´t already have or use.


Zoom Video Communications (
Great for webinars or online meetings. Support breakouts, group sessions, one2one conversations
Price indication:
$15/month/host, up to 100 participants

Skype (
Video meetings, one2one chats, screen sharing
Free to use

Twentythree Webinars (
Great danish developed Webinar tool for corporations
Price indication:
$199/month for the whole company

Dropbox (, Google Drive (, iCloud (
Online document storage, document sharing, document collaboration, backup
Price indication:
Dropbox: $120year for 2 Tb
Google Drive: free up to 15 Gb
iCloud: $1/mont for 50Gb

MURAL (, Miro (
Online brainstorming and collaboration
Price indication:
Mural: $12/month/user
Miro: $8/month pr. User

Mindmeister (
Collaborative mind mapping, note-taking and idea development
Price indication:
€8.25/month/user for multi user version

Idea Hunt (
Tool for meeting management and interactive group brainstorming. Template-based
Price indication:

Pinterest (
Tool for inspirational mood boards and idea collection
Free to use

Mentimeter (
Crowd involvement and interaction
Make it possible to create quizzes or vote and share your opinion in the meeting or during your presentation
Price indication:
$10/month, unlimited questions pr. Presentation

Slido (
Q&A tool and polling during online townhalls or webinars
Price indication:
€600/year max. 5 polls pr. event

Hives (
Run innovation challenges, manage employee ideas
Price indication:
€349/month, up to 200 participants

Wetransfer (
Link-based distribution of large files (up to 2gb for free)
Free to use

Howspace (
Create dynamic interactive online corporate learning experiences
Price indication:
€195/month, up to 30 users

Hopin (
A platform for large online conferences, seminars, and events
Including registration, reception, mainstage, networking, one 2 one networking sessions, and online booths
No price indicated

Slack (
Daily team communication and quick messaging
Price indication:
€ 6.25/month/user

Teams (
Collaboration platform for teams incl. online meetings, chats, document sharing
Teams only work if you are using Microsoft office 365
Price indication:

Every Time Zone (
Keeping track of who is awake and available to call and who is asleep in a large international collaboration team. Post activities, tailor the timetable to the team, etc.
Price indication:
$119/year, up to 15 people

Asana (
Work management platform
Supporting teams, projects, goals and daily tasks
Price indication:
€ 11/month/user

Trello (, Monday (
Kanban based Project collaboration
Price indication:
Trello: $10/month/user
Monday: price not indicated

Moodle (
Interactive learning platform
Price indication:
$80/year for one class

Kahoot! (
Learning games and online quizzes
Price indication:
$10/month pr. Host, up to 20 players pr. Game

Lastpass (, 1password (
With all these services, which require you to log in with a name and a password, it can be a real challenge to remember and control all your passwords. These two password services allow you to create a vault where you can store all your passwords, and then only use one to access your services online while still keeping your logins safe.
Price indication:
Lastpass: $3/month/user
1password: $4/month/user

Ps. If you work in UX or design. Here is a great curated list of tools for that specific area:


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