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Our guide to the most interesting gadgets you can give this Christmas

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Christmas is a time for family. But who could deny that it is also a time for giving gifts? So what are the most interesting gadgets on the market this Christmas? And what can you get away with buying to satisfy your own tech cravings, while pretending it is actually for the kids?

This is a presentation of some of the most interesting gift ideas that it would be great to find under the Christmas tree this year. We hope you like this list. And that you have fun!

Occulus Rift & Occulus Go – head off on adventures in VR

Virtual Reality is continuing to expand. Two of the most popular and accessible VR systems come from Oculus. If you are ready to go all-in, buy the Rift, which requires a stand-alone VR computer to power all the entertainment available. It delivers full virtual reality immersion, allowing you to move around and interact with your surroundings. If you are more interested in a taster of what VR has to offer, then Go is the new system from Oculus that requires neither computer nor telephone, offering a wireless experience. The trade-off is that you are unable to move freely in the VR world and there is only one controller. But it is still an intense experience and graphics have come a long way.

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Kano Harry Potter Coding Wand – teach younger kids how to code

A number of different products appeared on the market this year, with the common aim of teaching programming to children. One of the most successful of these is made by Kano, especially if your kids have fallen under the Harry Potter spell. You start by building your own wand and then you learn how to programme it. When you have done that, different wand movements will make things happen on your screen. It’s great fun and very easy to learn. Wingardium Leviosa!

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Sphero Bolt – for tiny STEM geeks

Sphero has been manufacturing programmable balls for some years now, but the latest version is packed with sensors and the software has been given a huge upgrade. This is the ultimate play product for kids who are interested in science, technology and math, allowing them to have fun while geeking out on sensors and coding, preparing them for a world that is becoming increasingly technological. It is also available as a kit for school classrooms, but why not make a start at home?

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Furbo Dog Camera – the perfect gift for your four-legged friend

If you feel bad about leaving your dog at home alone during the day, this is the perfect Christmas gift. The Furbo camera lets you see and talk to your dog at home, no matter where you are. Its best feature is that you can fill the Furbo with treats that you can eject when you think your dog deserves something extra. All this can be filmed and photographed, so you can share all the fun moments with people on social media afterwards.

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Fujifilm SQ20- the ultimate gift for the selfie-generation

Now that we are taking more photographs than ever before, it is back in fashion to be able to see your pics printed out. Polaroid cameras in particular have been extremely popular with younger generations. You’d take a picture and a few minutes later, a developed print would be right there in your hand. Unfortunately, the quality was often rather poor and you had few editing options. However, a lot has been happening in this area and the latest generation of Fuji Instax cameras is not only a photo and video camera, but also a portable printer. You take your photos digitally and then process and edit them in the camera. As soon as you are ready, press “print” and the picture will be printed to paper for you. The SQ20 has highly advanced options. You can produce collages, black and white/colour combos and multi-exposure shots. This would be a great gift for the teenagers in your home.

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Findrs Bike Light – ultimate in bicycle lights, for dark nights and evenings

Are you tired of having your bike stolen? Do you think a pair of IoT lights would be cool to own? If you do, then Findrs Bike Light is the product you are looking for. They are even developed by a Danish company. These lights have a lot of smart functionality. They turn on when you are riding, but only if its dark. As you brake, they light up even brighter. The accompanying App records where you have left your bike, so you can find it again. And if it is still difficult at a busy station to find which bike is yours, you can use the App to get your lights to flash. And finally... these lights communicate with other Findrs Bike Lights and smartphones, which should make it easier for you to find your bike again if it is stolen. And we know for sure that this works, because we tried it out ourselves.

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Apple Watch 4 with eSim – for the James Bond in everyone

The new Apple Watch is as close as you can get in real life to the gadget watches James Bond gets to play with on the big screen. The latest generation is a telephone too, but currently only if you have a 3 subscription. But if you do, you can easily leave your smartphone at home and the watch will still work as a phone. It also has “walkie talkie” functionality that means you can stay in touch with other Applewatch owners. You can control your IoT devices from the watch, using voice commands. The watch can also measure your heart rate and take ECG measurements (currently only available in the USA, as this function has not yet been approved by the authorities elsewhere).

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