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If our ambition resonates with you and you recognize yourself in the above characteristics, we would like to hear from you.

Below are our vacant positions. If you do not find a job description that matches your profile, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application.

Who is Charlie Tango?

We are guided by four characteristics that each serves a specific purpose and, in combination, create an optimal composition to excel:

We are all futurists

We believe that to be able to predict the future; we need to be involved in inventing it. Hence, we embrace all new technologies, which are about to become commercially viable.

We are all technologists

We are optimists when it comes to the future. We believe that the implications of new technologies will profoundly impact how we in Charlie Tango work and which solutions, we will create going forward.

We are all innovators

We combine our vision for the future with our knowledge about new technologies to create new and exciting products and services. We engage in partnerships with aspiring entrepreneurs and incumbents who, like us, want to influence the direction technology takes.

We are all creators

While always having the user in mind, our contribution is that we look for new solutions and better ways of solving problems. We validate with data and look to science to understand the world. Despite our data-driven and scientific approach we believe in humans and understand and appreciate that their emotions often guide them.

Working at Charlie Tango

At Charlie Tango, we offer a work environment where you develop and grow both personally and professionally. At our offices, you will feel welcome and included in a friendly and professional atmosphere. We are dedicated to develop and nurture a professional and challenging work environment where you will work with dedicated and highly skilled colleagues. To get to know each other beyond the professional relationship, we gather for Friday bars and other social events throughout the year.

What are we looking for?

We look for people with five distinct characteristics:

Be Outstanding

You are one of the best in your field. Like the rest of us, you are on a never-ending quest to become a better version of yourself

Be Ambitious

You do not settle for good enough but aim to maximize value. You use your skills to strive for the best possible solution, which sometimes requires taking the long and hard road.

Be Nice

We want you to be excited about going to work, and we want you to have fun. To create such an atmosphere, we look for people who strive to be a role model, embraces new colleagues and treat everyone as they want to be treated themselves.

Be Curious

The work we do should always be grounded in a deep understanding of the ever-changing world around us. Therefore, we encourage and expect you to ask a lot of questions, seek knowledge in new places; and to embrace diversity and always be open to new and different solutions

Be Courageous

We have positioned ourselves in the epicenter of the digital transformation. Here, we want to be visible and present with a clear and significant attitude. We want to be known for our expertise, our great solutions, and our competent team. Consequently, we are conquering new territory with a lot of the work that we do. We, therefore, dare you to be bold, to make decisions and to lead yourself and lead the way.

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