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What does it mean?

Managing administrative and transactional engagement with customers across the omnichannel - from printing and distribution to digitizing payments, signing, and communication.

Seize All Your Customer Experience Opportunities

All brands communicate with customers on administrative matters covering everything from sending invoices and statements to recurring communication and dialog about inquiries and information. But why be satisfied with simple transactional customer engagement when you can transform it into true customer experience?

The Relentless Pursuit Of Knowledge

The smoother and more efficient your dialog with your customers is, the more it improves customer relationships. Being able to create real value out of administrative communication is one of the many reasons why companies digitize and automate. The challenge, though, is to secure the requisite technology and processes. It is what ensures the right message gets to customers in a way that allows them to act on it through the right channels – both digital and physical.

The Unstoppable Force Of Technology

We are experts in helping companies optimize their customer engagement strategy and delivery. We cover marketing and communication services, assessments, as well as platforms that give you exactly the technology and tools you need. Our functional services are based on software solutions as well as automation to print, envelope and distribute. We generate and distribute administrative communication using our CXPaaS platform and our ability to reach across e-mail, SMS and e-Boks. We also have Denmark’s largest print facility, which means we deliver the highest standards of direct mail.

What we can offer you

  • Administrative Communication Strategy & Performance

    We help you define a strategy for how you most effectively manage all your transactional and ad-hoc communication with your customers, covering administrative letters, invoices, statements, proposals. We recommend the optimal combination of channels (print, e-Boks, web, mobile, SMS, SoMe), data integrations and workflows, communication types and templates, and audiences, to ensure you reach the right target in the most effectful way.

  • Administrative Output Management

    Output management often involves several applications and platforms from different suppliers. This adds complexity and increases operational costs.

    Our solutions let you digitize and automate your administrative communications setup with a single software layer. This improves your customer experience, reduces distribution costs by up to 80% and print costs by up to 20%. We also help you harness data feeds from multiple systems so you can send personalized messages across all major digital channels. You provide input data – we take care of everything else.

  • Digital Administrative Print

    Today’s marketing landscape is highly competitive and overcrowded. Reaching your customers involves cutting through the constant noise in a way that successfully navigates their information overload and increasing immunity to messages. Also, new EU privacy regulations and additional restrictions on marketing through e-mail or SMS, necessitates differentiating, personalized and contextual communication.

    An extremely effective solution to these challenges is personalized, high quality digital print. It enriches your customer experience, improves your administrative communication and makes you stand out from your competitors. With Denmark's largest print facility, we guarantee you stable and secure service. Your business benefits too, with a simplified operation of customer communications and an up to 20% reduction in digital and print unit costs.

  • e-Boks Transformation

    Although many businesses already use one or more e-Boks products to handle their administrative customer communication, they are often unaware of the full business potential of the e-Boks product suite.

    We can define a strategy for you that uncovers the hidden potential of your current e-Boks setup by overhauling, streamlining and revitalizing your e-Boks use. You’ll be able to reach your customers more effectively, reduce costs, and have a full picture of your customer relationship.

  • e-Boks Secure Distribution

    Digitizing customer communication in a post-GDPR world where consumer expectations have continued to grow, requires strong, secure solutions and customer-focused digitalization.

    Letting e-Boks digitalize your end-user communication can save at least 80% compared to physical mail and gives a 100% delivery guarantee. Your processes become more effective after being integrated with your own systems, and there is a reduced workload from sending documents digitally.

  • e-Boks Secure Digital Dialog

    Customer communication via e-mail can be time consuming, error-prone and not secure enough for sending highly sensitive information.

    An e-Boks secure digital dialogue solution can revitalize the way customers can respond to and sign documents. You can make it easier for your customers to contact you and respond to documents containing sensitive data, while still maintaining the necessary compliance.

  • e-Boks Digital Signatures

    Manually scanning, printing and mailing documents, and storing signed documents is a significant drain on time and resources – time that can be better spent on value-adding services.

    We help you reduce the time you and your customers spend on handling physical signature processes. You get an accelerated response time, up to 80% educed costs – and increased revenue. Optimizing the digital signature process improves your service, ensures delivers reliable delivery, and strengthens your competitive edge by increasing the volume of completed agreements.

  • e-Boks Portal Solution

    Most companies want to consolidate all engagement and communication with their customers in their own branded universe. However, the more relationships one consumer has with multiple providers, the more difficult it is to have an overview.

    With our e-Boks portal solution, you can gather together all your digitized customer communication and make it accessible for your users in your own customer portal. Reduce costs by up to 80% and ensure 100% document delivery by streamlining and digitizing your costumer communication. Our e-Boks Portal Solution is an integrated, secure platform that lets your customers sign documents digitally and view documents whenever they want – across all devices. You get to keep a closer interaction with your end users, focus on their experience and narrow the gap between the sender and the end user.

  • e-Boks Payment

    Digitize your payment handling to speed-up the payment process, increase the rate of completed invoice payments and reduce handling-costs with the e-Boks Payment service. This trusted payment method supports the most common methods for payment, enables recurrent payment and provides your customers with a one-location payment process.

  • e-Boks Digital Payslips

    Manually printing, sending and keeping track of paper-based payslips increases operational costs without adding value to the employee.

    You can cut costs, save time, eliminate postage and reduce your environmental impact with our tried and tested solution for e-Boks Digital Payslips.  You get a GDPR-compliant one-location platform for processing and distributing payslips that is fully aligned with your business requirements.

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Swati has over 18 years of experience in helping customers in solving complex business problems, very specifically in improving customer communications and automating and digitising business processes. Having worked in various Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox, Adobe and HP, Swati has extensive knowledge and experience of working with both private and public sector customers.

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