Customer Communication Management

Digital Business Processes Optimization & Automation

What does it mean?

Designing and implementing digital business processes to improve customer experience, increase revenue, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Technology That Creates Transformational Change

Today, businesses are using technology to digitize their business models and analyze consumer behavior in order to stand out from the competition and improve customer experience. But fully optimizing customer experience is not enough. Brands must also ensure that the underlying processes are included.

Equip For The Future

A full and lasting transformation of your customer experience, with all steps of the business process fully digitized and automated, is extremely complex and involves multiple processes. As well as requiring a deep understanding of all related systems, processes, workflows and data, both legacy systems and outdated thinking can also stand in the way.

Expert Empowerment

We have the experience and technical know-how to make your processes work for you in any way you need. Our managed platform, Charlie Tango’s CXPaaS 2.0, will help you to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experience, while our advisory services help you to leverage pre-configured workflows on top of CXPaaS 2.0. These include onboarding, claims handling and customer complaints.

Proven And Effective Processes

We use a tried and tested, reliable mix of known methodologies and models, including detailed customer journey mapping. We favor an action-oriented approach that focuses on speed and execution. We couple this with design thinking that seeks to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions.

What we can offer you

  • Onboarding as a Service

    A great customer experience starts with a smooth customer onboarding process. But making your customers feel welcome and listened to, providing answers to immediate questions and guiding them to discover the potential benefits of your products and services is difficult to scale and often require significant resources. However, the right digitalization can turn your onboarding process into a rich and rewarding customer experience. This not only improves customer conversion; it also slashes operational costs.  We deliver a preconfigured, yet fully customizable, digital onboarding process on a standardized platform. As well as simplified operations of customer communications, you also get seamless customer journeys, simplification, relevance and personalization. All that adds up to a better customer experience – as well as reduced TCO through future proofing, consolidated digital first platform. and less complicated internal systems.

  • Claim Handling as a Service

    Manual claim handling processes involve long processing cycles that negatively impacts the customer experience and significantly reduces the potential premium for the business. So imagine what a preconfigured frictionless digital claim handling process would mean for boosting your customer experience. As well as reducing the number of time-consuming processes customers have to navigate, it would simplify the operation of customer communications. You could accelerate and automate customer-centric business and communications processes across all your operations – all with a significantly reduced TCO.

  • Customer Complaint as a Service

    Every customer complaint is actually a unique opportunity to learn more about their needs and improve your business. But handling customer complaints in manual processes robs you of the agility to respond rapidly. This means you risk losing out on important insights, which can negatively affect your business.

    You can solve this with a preconceived, future-proof digitalized customer complaints process on a consolidated digital-first platform. This gives you both reduced operational costs and an improved customer experience.

Contact our in-house expert

Swati has over 18 years of experience in helping customers in solving complex business problems, very specifically in improving customer communications and automating and digitising business processes. Having worked in various Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox, Adobe and HP, Swati has extensive knowledge and experience of working with both private and public sector customers.

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