Customer Communication Management

Marketing Output

What does it mean?

Building relationships, loyalty and advocacy through delivering contextual and relevant marketing based on data, insights and segmentation - on both digital and print.

Master Your Marketing Communication

Solid customer relationships are essential for winning the battle to generate loyalty and advocacy, increase customer value and acquire new customers. When you generate targeted, personalized content, your relationship with your customers flourishes.

Establish The Foundation For Success

Leveraging data, technology and skills is costly and complex business. It takes a skilled and experienced partner to manage multiple touch-points across the omnichannel. With our marketing communication solutions, you make an effective and efficient impact on direct marketing, activate your existing customers and stand out against competition.

Business Empowerment Through Tailored Solutions

We help companies businesses manage marketing communication with a simplified end-to-end one-vendor relationship managing all omnichannel marketing communication. Our advisory services serve to assess, optimize and strategize how to get the right message to the right recipients through the right channels.

Extend The Reach And Efficiency Of Your Output And Communication

We also deliver functional services and platform technology to support generating - and transforming - distribution outputs to digital (e.g. web, mobile, SMS, e-Boks/Digital Post) and physical print, as well as extending digital communication with digital payment, signing and communication services.

What we can offer

  • Digital Marketing Print

    Cut through the noise in the overcrowded marketing landscape and outperform your competition. Digital marketing print is proven to increase impressions, create emotional connection and boost both respond rates and response speed. Our print facility is the largest in Denmark. We provide an attractively priced format, size and input data agnostic service that enables multiple output options, stable operations and rapid production.

  • Direct Mail

    Excessive marketing communication to retain and attract customers has resulted in a highly competitive and overcrowded marketing landscape with information overload, noise and increasing immunity to messages. The challenge for brands is to stand out with high quality direct marketing to support the marketing strategy to improve the customer experience.

    Our Direct Mail service addresses this by enabling brands to differentiate through e-mail push or the more personalized print options due to its higher impression, emotional connection, incentive to respond and speed of response than digital alternatives*. The service is format, size and input data agnostic (PDF, AFPDS, Postscript, XML, and so on). Charlie Tango possesses the largest print facility in Denmark securing multiple output options, stable operations, rapid production as well as attractive pricing. Moreover, the service comes with full coverage distribution through our partners.

Contact our in-house expert

Swati has over 18 years of experience in helping customers in solving complex business problems, very specifically in improving customer communications and automating and digitising business processes. Having worked in various Fortune 500 companies such as Xerox, Adobe and HP, Swati has extensive knowledge and experience of working with both private and public sector customers.

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Swati Maroo

Consulting Director, Customer Communication Management

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