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What does it mean?

Build customer experiences and improve workplace efficiency with diverse technical capabilities that adds value to targeted use cases – from digital signing and payment to public register look-up, analytics, and workflow approval.

The Means To Exceed Customer Expectations

Today’s customers demand personalized, relevant communications that are available in real-time and accessible through the channel of their choice. But for highly regulated industries, this is easier said than done. Issues like customer channel silos, changing regulations and complex underlying processes all contribute to making digital transformation a major hurdle.

Break Down Your Silos

We offer a range of platform services on CXPaaS, a managed platform that lets you design, manage and deliver high-volume on-demand personalized digital services and communications. CXPaaS gives you a simplified one-vendor relationship to manage all omnichannel communication. It transforms the customer engagement into digital-first customer experience from one centralized platform – across the entire customer journey.

What can we offer you

  • Digital Service & Communications Design

    Ensuring all your customer communication is always optimized, up to date and compliant with corporate guidelines is a resource-heavy process.

    Our CXPaaS solution gives you state-of-the-art communications design on a single, easy-to-manage platform. It enables you to comply with corporate communication guidelines by aligning your communication design across your business. This means you can simplify your operations, enrich your communication flows, optimize the relevance and quality of your customer communication – and stimulate your customer experience.

  • Content Asset Creation & Management

    Templates and brand assets are often scattered across different platforms and systems, making it increasingly difficult to maintain a company-wide overview.

    Our CXPaaS 2.0 Content Asset Creation & Management service lets you take full control of the creation and management of your communication assets, allowing you to manage workflows, native files and resources from one central system. Keep track of all versions of your templates, centrally manage all your brand assets, approve your communications online with different users inside and outside the organization – and much more.

  • Compliance & Approver Flow

    The compliance review process on new documents and content is often lengthy and involves many employees. This adds complexity, slows agility and increases costs.

    Our Compliance & Approver Flow ensures your communication is always compliant with the latest legislation, branding and creative guidelines. A managed digital service on CXPaaS 2.0, Compliance & Approver Flow integrates with document/content creation. It automates your approval process, controls your customer communication and secures compliance with corporate guidelines.

  • Public Register Look-Up

    Combining different data sets can often reveal patterns and provide unique insight into your customers. Expedite information collection and enhance your customer experiences by enriching your data sets with publicly available data.

    Our managed digital service on CXPaaS 2.0 allows you to use public register look-up for customer communication purposes. Assuming you have the required permission, you can automatically populate public data into your customer communication. This means a less error-prone data collection process, improvement of communication integrity, and also a reduced TCO.

  • Business Flow Automation

    As digitalization increases, so do the number of business flows and underlying systems. Potentially, this can lead to cumbersome manual business processes adversely impacting customer journeys and experiences.

    We offer a managed digital service on CXPaaS 2.0 that automates your business flows and communicates quickly and accurately across multiple channels, providing semi- or full proactive and reactive automation. The solution is integrated into key enterprise systems, call center and core systems, and there is an intelligent gateway between the document composition tool and output systems.

  • Format Agnostic Omnichannel Delivery

    Output management often involves several applications and platforms from different suppliers. This adds complexity and increases operational costs.

    Our managed digital service on CXPaaS 2.0 provides you with a cost-effective format agnostic omnichannel management service. It gives your business a high-performance production engine that automatically composes high-volume communications – for any delivery channel. As well as enabled multichannel output management from a single application, you also get intelligent collation and delivery of communications based on all relevant business rules.

  • Interactive Forms

    Traditional digital documents only provide one-way communication. They also have to be printed, signed and scanned, which complicates document processing and storage and increases costs.

    By digitalizing communications design you can save up to 80% of the design, approval, and implementation time. Our CXPaaS 2.0-based managed digital service gives you a state-of-the-art communications design that creates customer-driven, interactive communications. So flexible that it adapts to every communication channel, the solution also ensures that you communicate efficiently and consistently independent of devices.

  • Two-Way Engagement

    Why settle for simply delivering information when you can continue conversations and capture the value of your digital data?

    Moving from paper to electronic forms can improve your completion rate by up to 30%. Adopting our managed digital service on CXPaaS 2.0 means lower paper handling and storage costs, reduced time to produce and process documents – and a noticeably lower TCO. Intake of customer data is integrated into archiving and ticketing system and there is a simplified operation of customer communications.

  • Analytics, Tracking and Reporting

    As customer communication becomes increasingly digital, vast amounts of data are generated. The value this creates depend on what you use the data for.

    Tracking and tracing customer behavior, business flows and data streams gives you vital analytical insight. With it, you can continuously optimize your customer journey by making informed decisions about how to improve workflows, communication and customer offerings. Our managed digital service on CXPaaS 2.0 can be set up with KPIs and intelligence on opening and conversion rates by integrating Quadient, e-Boks and Google Analytics.

  • Signature

    Manually scanning, printing and mailing documents, and storing signed documents is a significant drain on time and resources. Instead, it makes better business sense to concentrate on value-adding services like your customer experience.

    Ensuring the best possible customer experience is a critical part of differentiating your business from your competitors. Your digital signature process needs to be frictionless, available 24/7, and both device and method independent. Our managed service on CXPaaS is implemented using a preconfigured workflow integrated into your own website. You will improve your customer experience, simplify your operations – and reduce your TCO.

  • Invoice

    Paper or PDF invoices are time-consuming to handle, increase the risk of error and are difficult to automate.

    A frictionless digital invoice process that has 24/7 availability and device independency will give your customers a more satisfying customer experience. Our managed service on CXPaaS is implemented using a preconfigured workflow integrated into your own website. It simplifies your operations, accelerates and automates your customer-centric business and communications processes, and reduces your TCO.

  • Payment

    Late-paying clients negatively affect your cash flow and require extra administrative resources. Digitizing your payment process will improve cash-flow, reduce operational costs and deliver a frictionless customer experience. Digitalization through our managed service on CXPaaS improves your customer experience and reduces your TCO by creating 24/7 availability, device independency, and also payment method independency

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