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Marketing Automation

What does it mean?

We evaluate your marketing automation performance and provide a clear, prioritized roadmap for how to optimize it. In case a new platform is needed we guide you through the entire process from need-identification over vendor selection to implementation, training and on-going support.

Speed And Relevance Are Key To Market Growth

Successfully tapping into market growth requires that you are able to scale and execute your marketing activities fast and efficiently, and that you can continuously track and trace the performance of your campaigns. You must provide your customers with tailored content at the time they need it and are most prone to act on it.

Yes To Automation, But How?

Marketing automation can help you minimize the time and resources you use on manually scaling up your marketing efforts, handling 1:1 dialogues and carrying out repetitive tasks, But how do you get started with marketing automation, optimize your efforts, and connect data cross touch points?

Help Is At Hand To Meet Your Automation Needs

We assess your current marketing automation capabilities and performance and benchmark it against competitors. We provide clear recommendations in a prioritized roadmap for how you can optimize your current platform. If a new marketing automation platform is needed to support your business objectives, we guide you during the entire vendor selection process, develop an implementation plan, configure the system to your business requirements, onboard and train your users – and provide ongoing or on-demand support.

What we can offer you

  • Marketing Automation Accelerator

    We assess your marketing automation maturity against your business objectives and competition, outline the required to-be maturity level. We then develop a marketing automation roadmap with the initiatives required to get there and quick-wins that will accelerate

  • Marketing Automation Implementation

    We assess your current marketing technology stack, identify the marketing automation platform that best support your business needs, outline required integrations and workflows and guide you through the process from initial considerations, vendor selection, implementation, configuration and training of users.

  • Marketing Automation on-boarding and support

    We help you maximize the value you get from your current marketing automation platform. We configure and implement workflows and programs, onboard and train your employees and provide ongoing support.

  • Outbound Digital Channels

    Optimise the delivery of content on digital channels. Ability to identify, focus and deliver content on the digital channels and ad formats that best deliver on your marketing and campaign objectives

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