Cost reduction from digitizing customer communication

Broager Sparekasse wanted to reduce costs associated with sending out letters to customers. Distributing via traditional postal delivery meant both costs to materials and postage. In addition to this, it resulted in time-consuming manual work for the 65 bank employees. Broager Sparekasse had already decided to use e-Boks as their digital channel towards customers – but they needed a solution that allowed their marketing employees and bank advisors to send out ad-hoc customer communication.

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Process and Approach

Charlie Tango helped Broager Sparekasse start using Doc2Mail in 2013, initially for a selected business area.

“We started in the marketing department, where we quickly moved a large number of letters to the digital channel and started gaining experience and knowledge about the possibilities with Doc2Mail, before continuing rolling out to the rest of the organization”, says Benny Uhlmann, IT Director in Broager Sparekasse. “We benefitted from this experience when we met with our customer advisors on their local team meetings. They quickly realized how they would benefit in their daily work, and therefore they were quickly on board.”

Over the next year, Broager Sparekasse rolled out Doc2Mail within the entire organization.

“The collaboration with Charlie Tango has worked perfectly throughout the implementation. And it has continued to do so, as we continuously communicate about our use of Doc2Mail and new possibilities with the solution. For instance, we have rolled out the digital signing of our documents together with SDC, our bank central. These documents are sent from the customer advisor in the bank through Doc2Mail and onwards to the customer’s web bank”.


“With Doc2Mail we have digitized the vast majority of those letters, that would have been printed locally, enveloped and distributed with traditional physical postal delivery. This has resulted in savings on paper, internal work hours, and expensive distribution – and letters arrive at their destination earlier. Almost all of Broager Sparekasse’s communication with customers is now digitally delivered in e-Boks or their web bank. Customers no longer have to manage different document types – a true win-win, also environmentally,” concludes a satisfied Benny Uhlmann.