Case study
Call me

Delivering a tactical message in an entertaining way

Background and challenge

Call me asked us to make a tactical campaign selling their new subscription package with 40 GB data.

The challenge was to sell the product in a highly competitive market where loyalty is very low and where consumers have a hard time differentiating brands within telecommunication.

  • Call me
  • Telecommunications

Process & Approach

Our approach was to be very honest about the product and not make Call me enter the battle of being loudest and most pushy.

We wanted to show that Call me is the brand that understands the consumer and their needs. In other words, we wanted to make the consumer able to identify them self with us.

Next, we wanted to make the consumer understand that 40GB is a lot of data.

The outcome was a series of portraits, showing the everyday life of 3 different target groups, and showing how they are using data on their mobile.
All done in an entertaining and with tongue in cheek tonality.

The campaign was executed and distributed through TVC’s, SoMe, digital, outdoor and print.

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