Case study
Dansk Erhverv

Customers first – reshaping brand identity and online presence

Background and challenge

The Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv), one of Denmark’s largest business and employers’ organizations, wanted to increase retention and strengthen member relationships, position themselves as a modern organization, and attract new members.

They experienced that their visual identity no longer suited the work they performed or the perception they had of themselves. Also, existing and potential members had little knowledge of which relevant member offerings from The Danish Chamber of Commerce they could benefit from.

Their internal workflows also challenged them regarding following up on leads, which affected the general customer experience negatively. Together with Charlie Tango, they initiated a project with a strategically strong focus on optimizing the brand towards potential customers through a stronger online presence, higher relevance and a brand identity mirrored in the offline presence.

  • The Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv)
  • Professional Services

Process and approach

The ambition for the project was to create a world-class customer experience, by portraying The Danish Chamber of Commerce as a relevant, personal and modern business partner. To do this, a platform that would work as a holistic communication tool and could integrate with existing member and dialogue databases was needed. The platform should incorporate a workflow tool, to enhance the look and feel. Also, membership communication across all points of digital interactions such as website, direct mail, and newsletters. We focused our implementation efforts on quickly getting versions to market allowing for further development decisions and user experience refinements based on real user feedback.

Increasing retention and strengthening member relationships

We radically reduced the amount of content on the website and made the remaining content more relevant to the user profiles. We implemented simple navigation and several search options to enable the user to quickly find relevant and useful content. The communication and services were also organized to match the customers’ situation and needs to make the value of the membership for each member visible. The new, intuitive, modern, and user-friendly frontend experience of the website was made possible by having a robust technology backing it as we built the solution on Episerver with integration to MS Dynamics.

I like the new site structure and the easy navigation to relevant and useful content
Member of The Danish Chamber of Commerce

Positioning The Danish Chamber of Commerce as a modern organization

To tailor relevant communication, we further defined four primary user profiles as part of a digital strategy: the small business owner, the CEO, the Human Resource Manager, and the midlevel manager, each having different needs and expectations to the offerings and touch points with The Danish Chamber of Commerce. To support this new approach, we introduced a new visual identity with a more modern look and feel, while still being reflective of the organization’s DNA. In addition to updating the existing logo, visual identity, and tone-of-voice, we introduced a 5th element in the form of a dotted grid that creates recognition across The Danish Chamber of Commerce. It was designed based on the values of the organisation.

Attracting new members

To enhance the customer experience for potential members on their way through the sales funnel, we carried out a pilot project where we integrated an onboarding-workflow, significantly increasing the level of relevant information provided for the potential member. The respective Account Managers also got access to a personalized dashboard, which made it easy for them to follow up on leads and the actions required to enhance the customer experience. Through these initiatives, they increased the probability of the prospective member converting to a membership.

This process has not only totally transformed our digital presence - it has also reshaped our whole mindset on how we service our members today
Jan Hjort-Mosegaard, Head of Digitalisation at The Danish Chamber of Commerce


A new, consistent visual identity that encompasses the many different roles that Dansk Erhverv possesses and underlines their position as modern and innovative.

The intuitive Episerver CMS platform enables the active editors to easily update the content of the new site and continuously maintain the high relevance for the users

The new website has shown a 77% rise in daily, active users.

Content was significantly reduced thereby making it easier and less time-consuming to maintain.

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