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Dankort, Denmark’s national debit card

Bringing in-store payments into the mobile era

Background and challenge

Dankort, a national debit card introduced by Nets in 1983, is the most preferred payment solution in Denmark. It has been a trusted brand for more than three decades, securing Dankort a substantial commercial success.

Now the payment industry is undergoing radical change, causing an increasingly competitive landscape where traditional transactions are on the road to becoming replaced by digital solutions. Furthermore, the users’ expectations of frictionless payment experiences continue to rise. Despite its dominant position in Denmark, Dankort was facing increased competition from digital solutions.

Dankort wanted to build a mobile payment app that could improve its strong brand position. The goal was to secure Dankort’s position as the preferred payment method in the digital age. Therefore, Nets engaged with Charlie Tango in an end-to-end partnership to design, develop and bring the new Dankort app to the market.

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Process and approach

We worked very closely with Nets to ensure a fast and continuous approval process. Therefore, key employees from Nets were on-site most of the week. The ambition was to release the sophisticated payment app in record speed. We chose this approach because speed-to-market was critical in the very competitive payment solutions landscape

We planned to release the app to a group of early adopters and to improve the experience based on their feedback.

Conceptualizing and positioning the app

We designed and developed the app based on shopper profiling, extensive and continuous UX testing and an early, restricted release to a test group, which gave feedback on design, functionality, and bugs through a digital community we built called Dankort Idea Lab.

Alongside the development of the app, we revived Dankort’s visual identity to create a strong digital presence. The new identity took its starting point in the original iconic Dankort logo, and this was carried over into the design of the app.

Introducing the new Dankort app to the Danes

In spite of Dankort’s almost iconic status among the Danes, they had never communicated as a consumer brand. In order to capture important market shares early on, they realized the importance of utilizing their status.

We set out to leverage the potential to transform Dankort while building an even stronger brand identity with the potential to set the agenda on the payments market.
To accomplish this, we would need to bring consumers even closer to Dankort and show them how closely linked the brand is with their lives.
For more than 30 years, Dankort has been with the Danes in adversity and good fortune. Dankort is for all Danes – no matter their social status. That was unique to Dankort and no competitors had that kind of longevity or rich history.
We focused our initial efforts on early adopters through a targeted use of digital marketing channels. The initial launch campaign was based on something uniquely Danish; the phrase “På beløbet” which means “On the amount.” This phrase laid the creative foundation for a nationwide campaign.

Social media
We started by overhauling Dankort’s Facebook page and publishing content about the upcoming app. This was later followed by download ads and guide, video tutorials on the use of Dankort app, engagement posts, competitions and news-related content.

Driving downloads and trial
It was not only on social media, we drove downloads and enabled trials. The marketing initiatives also comprised activation initiatives for supermarket employees and in-store enrollment and trial activities for customers.

Social influencers
In our initial research, we identified a surprising affinity for the Danish pop sensation “Gulddreng” among our primary target group. For this reason, we used him as both a social media influencer through Snapchat and as an extra in the TV commercial. We also employed other influencers to boost downloads.

TV Commercial
As the cherry on top, we made a 60-second TV commercial with an elaborate setup. It played on Dankort’s rich history and follows a couple through 30 years of their lives from Dankort’s launch in 1983 to the present. The choice of story was very deliberate because it shows something that competitors does not have: Longevity and a rich history. The commercial shows the decades of feeling tied to Dankort and cements it as the Danish way of paying – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Continuous product development and education

We still run the two marketing programs and recalibrate the strategic focus as the mobile payments market shifts. The app is continuously updated to address everything from bug fixes, enhancements, and new functionalities such as electronic receipts directly in the app. Alongside the improvements, we use in-app copy, social media, and mass communication to inform and educate the users about them.

As Nets continue to evolve the Dankort and the Dankort app we partner with them in a constant agile process on development, strategy, communication, and advertising.


From concept to market launch in 4 months.
Launch campaign drove higher adaptation than market expectations.
The TV commercial scored very high ratings in viewer liking and won a True Award in the "Film, TV and Cinema" category. 
More than 20 app updates with optimizations and new functionalities completed so far.

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