A flexible sales platform that affects conversion rates

The leading low priced mobile operator CBB (part of Telenor) needed a new and modern online sales platform to optimize and manage their online sales. CBB are campaign driven, so the new website needed to be heavily branded while leaving room for promotional initiatives.

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Our contribution

We designed and developed a solid and flexible platform with an efficient user experience. We built the system on EPiServer’s Commerce platform and utilised the latest technologies, meeting CBB's needs and providing CBB's editors with the ability to customize the content on the site to their various sales channels and promotions.

Other systems were also deeply integrated to the solution - i.e., SAP, DIBS (payment gateway), NemID (secure login) and company verification among other third-party systems.

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  • Shortly after launch in the beginning of 2016, the new solution resulted in a 50% higher conversion from visitor to customer
  • Launching the mobile optimized shop in May 2016 lifted the total revenue by 14%, while increasing orders done on mobile by more than 900%
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