Digitalization of employment contract with large retailers

Coop Danmark is the first company in Scandinavia to digitize the management of employment contracts and other HR related documents via e-Boks. This has resulted in a more efficient administration and a central overview of all personnel and HR related topics in Coop.

Previously it was a burden to manage employment contract for HR since all agreements required physical signatures, which then had to be scanned and information manually entered into Coop’s IT systems. With e-Boks Signing, Coop has a complete solution to HR communication.

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Process and Approach

Charlie Tango is a distributor to Coop, and together with Coop and e-Boks, we implemented the solution, which has been in operation since January 2014.

"Annually, we have more than 45.000 documents that need signing by employee and employer in regards to employment, amendments, changes, and termination. These documents are now digitally signed in e-Boks and are stored securely in the user’s e-Boks. In addition to this comes the possibility for us to use e-Boks as an ordinary mailbox, where we can mass distribute general communication to employees and be certain the is received," explains Jesper Ruest, Head of HR Technology Management in Coop.


Coop already used e-Boks for distributing payslips to employees, and therefore it was an obvious next step to extend the use to other HR documents.

"We have gained clear administrative benefits by removing the need for scanning and manual entering of information, that is now digitally transferred from the agreements that employees sign in their e-Boks. Before the implementation this took several days," says Jesper Ruest.

One crucial reason for Coop to select e-Boks is that the solution is a known and secure channel for employees. Also, the solution offers a central overview of all personnel related and legal aspects in all of Coop Danmark. Until now many such documents have been retained decentrally with the different organizational units.

The possibilities to sign in e-Boks and the integration to Coop’s IT infrastructure ensures that new employees can log onto Coop’s IT systems in little time. As a result of this, they can start their employment in Coop a lot faster than previously.

Coop’s system is integrated directly with e-Boks via existing interfaces in SAP, but the solution can be adjusted for all known IT systems.