Combining pop music and tech to launch a new phone

Samsung asked us to help gather attention among a young, tech-savvy and music loving target group ahead of the launch of their new flagship model, the Samsung S4.

We used Danish pop artists Nik & Jay as brand ambassadors because they were high-profile, in line with our target group’s values and because they had a new album coming out which we could utilize in our marketing and PR efforts.

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Our aim was to activate the partnership to create buzz in a flow from digital media to retailers, and to create awareness, familiarity and preference through a digitally driven campaign. We did it by using the latest Samsung-supported NFC technology to pre-release Nik & Jay’s new album digitally, with the NFC reader, which is built into all Samsung phones.

First, we got Nik & Jay’s core fans onboard by using Facebook as our digital hub. We made a number of videos giving the fans the opportunity to hear the new album ahead of the crowd.

First, we teased. For every #pæntjatak hash-tag that was shared online, we cut a minute of the pre-release schedule. The response was rapid. In just 4 days we cut the release time by 26 hours. When the album dropped we made a virtual concert online with the full album.

Next, we reached out for credible connectors – those interested in new music and Nik & Jay. We seeded a video starring an NFC-enabled Samsung S4. The video went viral and the PR generated plenty of news interest where Nik & Jay got to pitch their release and boost the cool Samsung technology that was integral to their launch.

Music and technology met on the streets of Denmark, in the first truly digital out-of-home campaign in the country. With 75 NFC hotspots on posters in Denmark’s largest cities, we offered a sneak preview of Nik & Jay’s new album.

Bringing the hype to our retail partners with the NFC hotspot was our next step. We created attention and trial through interaction in retail spaces. Sales staff was on it too with NFC armbands for busy customers.



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We met the people we wanted to know and showed them a good time with Samsung S4’s technology. We created awareness, preference and sales, which surpassed the sales generated the previous year.

On Facebook, engagement rates were up 180 % – peaking at five times the industry average.

Samsung’s page views were up 500%, and they reached 2,6 million unique users on Facebook alone – ¾ of of Danish Facebook users. Samsung’s Danish Facebook page got a staggering 30,000 new likes during the campaign – a 24% increase. Ultimately, 100,000 unique users actively engaged with our content and the campaign created 70,000,000 impressions across Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest.

We improved the new-market-response by 13,000% on our out-of-home initiatives. These are the best engagement rates ever seen in Denmark for an out-of-home campaign.

Lastly, Nik & Jay won the Spotify Award as ‘Innovators of the year’ at the following Danish Music Awards.