Successful Public Digital Transformation achieving concrete gains

The State Administration had the ambition to be more efficient and gain higher citizen satisfaction by means of digitisation. A new IT Platform was chosen to replace old infrastructure, and we were given the responsibility of designing a better user experience for citizens who apply for separation and divorce.

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Since 2015 Charlie Tango has been the State Administration's advisor and partner on their Digital Transformation.

Following an initial project of redesigning the self-service solution in the divorce area, it became clear that there was a need to look at the entire user journey that citizens have in relation to The State Administration competence areas. Citizens and their needs were defined as a main driver for business objectives and requirements.

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Our contribution was to identify the users needs through research, visit to call center and interviews with caseworkers and citizens. Based on insights we shaped user journeys for a number of citizen profiles and together with the formulation of 5 UX principles we gave The State Administration the fundament for their continued work of transforming the organization from an inside-out perspective to an outside-in approach.

Since then Charlie Tango has continued to redesign self-service solutions in the contribution area and has worked to handle user journeys towards municipalities and other relevant authorities so that citizens can get a better overall user experience across the Public sector in the family area.



Within the first year the State Administration was able to achieve a total annual saving of approx. 15 million. DKK in the divorce area (amounting to about 50% reduction of total costs). Due to the new design of the self service solution 99% of all forms are now filled correctly by the citizens and the need for support dropped from 12% to 5% leading to a reduction on the time spent on case processing by 30%. At the same time the State Administration has achieved a higher user satisfaction in the divorce area.

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Stats for the first 6 months:

Reduction of costs related to the handling of divorce cases: 50%

Reduction of case processing time: 30%

Higher completion rate in filling out applications: 99%

Jesper Aarestrup

Constituent It-director, The State Administration

Charlie Tango was a key advisor and partner in our Digital Transformation which has created significant gains and increased user satisfaction. I appreciate the close collaboration and give Charlie Tango my highest recommendations.