Creating a new customer-centric website

The Danish Growth Fund (Vækstfonden) is Denmark’s state investment fund and contributes to the creation of new companies by providing capital and expertise. With a strategy of offering their customers a more up-to-date and efficient service, they needed a new highly user-friendly website that would enable their users to easily find the information relevant to them and thereby increase lead generation. Following a tender process, Charlie Tango was chosen to both design and complete the technical implementation of the website.

Work Vækstfonden Case Visual 1 High Res

Process and approach

To establish the business objectives of the website and match these with the customers’ needs, the project commenced with an initial analysis phase where we facilitated a series of interviews and workshops. We involved the relevant stakeholders across the internal units to ensure that the needs from the diverse groups were represented to be included in the subsequent conceptual phase.

Based on the findings, we identified four personas each representing an end-user searching for a distinct loan type. We then created personalized entrances and universes for the different target groups that made it easy and intuitive to find and access the relevant products and services. Following an agile development process, a selected group of end-users were involved before each module was developed.

We then built and implemented the solution as a dynamic website based on the Umbraco CMS, which gave the editors an intuitive and easily accessible interface to maintain their content. During the implementation phase, content was produced and inserted parallel to the completion of the various modules and templates. In a final test and deployment phase, the site was tested through and the last adjustments made.

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The new website, which was delivered on deadline and budget, provides the Growth Fund with a better lead generation through user-friendly design, a better presentation of content and its “products” and better experiences for its internal editors.

The platform enables the editors to easily update the content of the new site and continuously maintain the high relevance for the users, and with a future-proof Umbraco platform, the Growth Fund is well-positioned for future development, including enabling various forms of interaction with customers and use of data.