Sparking renewed interest in Sweden as a holiday destination

Visit Sweden, a Swedish tourism organization, asked us to come up with an idea that could make Danes consider booking a holiday in Sweden.

The challenge was that most Danes have preconceived ideas about Sweden since most have already visited the neighboring country at some point in their lives. Therefore, they no longer think of it as an exciting holiday destination.

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Process & Approach

Our approach was to portray Sweden from an entirely new angle. Our idea was to find out how Danes would experience the country if they had never left Denmark – and then turn their experiences into a small web series.

Through an extensive casting process, we found a married couple who had never left Denmark. We sent them on a road trip through Sweden with an itinerary full of experiences unique to the country. A camera crew followed them as they tried their hands on glass-blowing, folk racing, canoeing, oyster safari and many other inherently Swedish activities.

We ended up with hours of remarkable footage which we cut down to six webisodes of “This is Sweden” that we distributed through Facebook and Youtube and followed up with retargeting ads and informative social posts.

The couple’s experiences gave us the possibility to show an authentic and relatable side of Sweden, far removed from the boring, glossy pages of traditional travel brochures or videos.



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The campaign was a success. It amassed 7,4 million views, generated 2,2 million video playbacks. The first episode alone, which was more than seven minutes long, had a remarkable 48% completion rate. On Facebook, we saw more than 130,000 engagements with the webisodes.

The end goal was driving traffic to Visit Swedens homepage. The campaign led to a click-through rate which was 280% above the Danish benchmark.