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What does it mean?

We help you define your data strategy and architecture. We build data driven solutions ranging from simple dashboards to highly complex advisory tools and voice bots based on advanced machine learning.

Data Is Your Gateway To A More Flourishing Business

Data is one of your most vital business assets. Massive amounts of data are being created every day throughout every touchpoint across the entire customer journey. Successfully leveraging this data improves your decision-making and operations. It can enrich customer experiences, give rise to new business models – and increase growth.

The Necessity Of Establishing Data Order

But unravelling hidden intelligence from data and turning it into actionable insights is not a straightforward task. With data from the cloud, sensors from connected devices, mobiles, website and much more, a plethora of unstructured and unorganized data is often scattered across data silos located in fragmented legacy systems. Without a structured data science process and supporting data infrastructure, breaking down these silos, cleaning the data and manually performing the required complex computations is too time-consuming for any business.

From Raw Data To Business-Boosting Insights

We help you devise a data strategy that turns your data into actionable insight, design a data architecture that lets you integrate and collect data across multiple data sources, create dashboards that visualize and communicate complex data simply and elegantly. You will be able to apply machine learning to create models that can analyze large amounts of complex data so you can rapidly and accurately spotlight uncovered opportunities or avoid undiscovered risks. We design and implement chatbots that represent your brand and help you automate activities, boost engagement and increase customer experiences.

What we can offer you

  • Data Strategy & Architecture

    While many businesses today consider data to be the future of their business, they often fail to unlock its full potential. This is typically because they lack a structured way of working with their vast amounts of disorganized data and have not clarified what business objectives it is meant to support. We help you generate true value from your data by defining a data strategy and building a data architecture that empowers you to uncover hidden insights, translate them into tangible business opportunities or identifiable risks, and improve your decision making.

  • Data Analytics

    Business knowledge comes out of data through data analysis. Organizations build up enormous amounts of data without getting any value out of it. Data analytics is either about the data itself (e.g. variance of values in a field or numbers of empty fields), or about the business generating the data (e.g. number of calls not answered in a call center or calls per hour during opening hours). The results are presented in tables and graphs.

  • Machine Learning

    Businesses today have access to an unpreceded amount of data in various formats from numerous sources. But the value of data depends on how you use it. Analyzing data with more than a few parameters is very hard for humans, as we are slow and prone to make mistakes. Machine learning can help you automate scalable and repeatable tasks and empower you to identify issues like fraud or technical errors. We help you define business problems and develop machine learning models that help you answer them.

  • Voice- & Chat bots

    Chatbots can significantly increase operational efficiency and free up resources by providing 24/7 customer support. By automating areas of your customer service, you can boost customer experience and increase employee productivity. However, bots must be developed to respond relevantly based on your customers’ intent in a tone that is aligned with your brand. We help you to explore the business potential of a chat- or voice bot and design, implement and train chat- or voice bots that represent your brand in both visual design and tone of voice.

  • Implementing IoT Solutions

    The Internet of Things is giving rise to a constant transmission of large volumes of data from various sources. Working efficiently with this data and extracting actual value from it is not easy. We help you define the business outcome you want to achieve and then build an IoT solution that lets you collect and analyze data.

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