About us

We’re ready to transform your business.

Charlie Tango is ready to help you unlock the power of digital transformation. Our dynamic team of futurists, technologists, innovators and creators are eager and ready to simplify and reshape your business for future growth.

We have over 200 diverse specialists who will guide you along your unique digital transformation journey and empower you to deliver better experiences at a lower cost consistently across the three life-cycle phases of attraction, onboarding and servicing.

We will help you deliver engaging omnichannel experiences that ensure you stand out amongst competitors — from initial digital strategy development, to innovation and communication, technological engineering and services. We will increase your efficiency through automation, reduce your costs, and drive accelerated business growth.

Join us

Incredible people make us who we are. Please join us.

Charlie Tango has the clients and projects to excite and challenge you every day. So, if you want to create inspiring digital strategies, craft exciting marketing campaigns, solve complex code challenges, make impressive digital design, or unearth unexpected insights from mountains of data, please get in touch.

At Charlie Tango, you’ll work closely with some of the best data scientists, front- and backend developers, art directors, designers and digital strategy consultants. We only hire people who are outstanding, ambitious, nice, curious and courageous. These qualities unite us and make each working day an opportunity to grow, play and be inspired.

At Charlie Tango, our people are ...


Always learning more, always a step ahead. Ahead of the game. Ahead of our client’s needs. Let us show the world what we can do together. Pave the way for others, help others grow, excel within your field — are you outstanding?


Striving to solve problems and challenges that lead to a better world with less friction. Never settling for ‘good enough’, always adding vlaue for our clients. Knowing we can do better — are you ambitious?


Excited to go to work every morning to work and play. We’re respectful and appreciate each other’s effort. We treat each other well. We treat our clients well. We’re role models, we’re friends and we’re colleagues — are you nice?


Constantly searching for a deeper understanding of the ever–changing world we live in. Always asking questions, seeking knowledge in new places, embracing diversity, open to new and unexpected solutions — are you curious?


Conquering new territory with ground-breaking work. Daring to be bold, to make hard decisions and tough calls. We seek digital pioneers, leading the way for our clients and the world — are you courageous?

Shift gears at Charlie Tango — you’re in the fast lane now.

New roles open up as we grow and adapt to our customers’ needs. We want to be ready. So please send us your application, even if you don’t see the perfect position available for you right now. We’d like to know more about you, so we’re a step ahead when the time comes.

Send your open application to info@charlietango.dk

A KMD Group Company

Charlie Tango A/S is a wholly owned KMD A/S subsidiary. KMD is one of Denmark's largest IT services groups, and a subsidiary of NEC Corporation. The KMD Group also has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Poland.