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About us

65 of the best in development, data science & design

We live in Østerbro in the old telephone exchange centre, where we have been designing and developing digital solutions for more than 25 years. Until 2017, we were two different companies: In2media, on the second floor, doing groundbreaking user-centred design, and Insilico, on the ground floor, was one of the first app development houses in Denmark. In 2017, we were acquired, merged and became Charlie Tango. It is a central part of our DNA that we are not born out of either Tech or Design, but stand equally strong on both legs. For the same reason, the name Charlie Tango stands for Creativity and Technology. Today, we are owned by Danish KMD, with whom we collaborate on the development of many of their large and socially critical solutions, e.g. within energy, life & pensions, and the public sector. In 2018, KMD and Charlie Tango were acquired by Japanese NEC (Nippon Electronic Company). This gave us access to an inspiring world of Japanese design tradition and NEC labs, which house some of the leading AI experts in the world.

We work user-centred and insight-based in our endeavor to design and develop sustainable solutions that utilize the technological possibilities to create value for individuals and society. We think ahead and focus on ensuring that the solutions we launch can be scaled and optimized afterwards. We work in teams consisting of different competences and personalities, who complement and challenge each other in a respectful and informal environment. Because it is important that going to work is both meaningful and fun.

Culture & activities

The office

We are located in the beautiful premises in Østerbro, which used to house the telephone exchange centre Øbro. It's important to us that people want to come to work, which is why we take great care of our physical surroundings and the well-being of all of us - refreshments and good coffee are a must.

Events & parties

We believe in the value of investing in each other and our relationships, and in having fun. That's why we have parties and Friday bars. Both planned and spontaneous. We have movie evenings and pizza nights, and we go on trips together. Eg. for several years, we have been going to the Heartland Festival together, where we have kicked off the summer with high spirits, good music, various talks and lots of delicious food.

Professional events

We organise professional events to focus on topics that interest us and to develop ourselves within them. We organise after-work events with our customers and business partners, go on excursions and hold workshops within and across our teams, and we attend conferences, as participants and speakers.

Work/life balance

At Charlie Tango, there's room for everyday life. We see our office as an important community, but we're not chained to our desks. We recognise that we are different and organise our work in a way that makes sense for each of us and the teams we are part of. We've made it easy to communicate about this and any doctor and dentist appointments through our internal app Wørk.


Personal and professional development is important to us and something we work on in individual programmes and in professional and interdisciplinary communities. By attending conferences, courses and organising workshops with our partners, we ensure that we are all equipped with the latest knowledge in our field.

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