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What does it mean?

We design or describe the system or solution architecture, which allows mapping business needs to technology allowing identification of unfulfilled needs.

IT architecture is the foundation for both technical and business decisions in any IT development, strategy, or operations. A well-designed architecture supports changes over time, allows for new or growing business, and integrate well into the strategy of the organization. On the other hand, a bad (or missing) architecture is very costly when business requirements change or systems need to be updated. Architecture is said to be everything that is costly to change later on.

Architecture exists on several levels of an IT-environment. On the highest level, we have the Enterprise Architecture, which is the primary link between IT and business. The System Architecture is the more technical part of the Enterprise Architecture, where focus is on actual systems and their role in the IT-landscape. Application Architecture has focus on an actual application and how it is designed internally and integration-wise. The Security Architecture relates regulatory and business security requirements to an IT-solution. Data Architecture is about data, its structure, where it is stored, and where to get it.

At Charlie Tango we can assist our clients on all architectural levels, going from Enterprise Architecture through System Architecture, Application Architecture, and to the more low levels of Security and Data Architecture.

What we can offer you

  • System- & Solution Architecture

    Your system and solution architecture form the blueprint of your IT environment. The architecture is the foundation for discussing how the system or solution should be built. But understanding the existing IT landscape and the route and gaps for implementing new business can be challenging. Describing the system or solution architecture allows you to map your business needs to the technology. Within the architecture, it is possible to identify where – and how – business requirements are fulfilled and even more importantly where the technology for fulfilling them is missing.

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