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Software Development

Development & Architecture

At Charlie Tango, we're specialists. Our front-end, back-end, CMS and mobile app specialists all work hands-on with code, and they can also advise on it. In this way, we provide up-to-date advice that is grounded in tangible experience with tools and applications. We build websites, portals and apps based on IT architecture that is anchored in a strategy and stands on a foundation of analyses of the customer's existing system landscape.

Our customers are always counseled in finding the technologies that match their needs, and we help define those needs. We provide services within many applications and frameworks, and we have chosen to specialise in selected technologies. We have chosen to stick to those that, over the years, have proven to be particularly flexible and quality-assured. That is why we are partners with Umbraco, Microsoft Azure, uMarketingSuite og DatoCMS.


System architecture

With a focus on the customer's business requirements, we map the technology needs. We assess the need for scaling, the level of security, existing technologies and who will work with the systems. This forms the basis for our choice of appropriate technology and platform.

Cloud solutions

We like to implement our solutions in the cloud. This way we can achieve a flexible and future-proof architecture, faster time-to-market and cost optimisation. Do you need a cloud solution?

Operation & maintenance

When we maintain and ensure the quality of the websites we build, we do so based on prioritised thresholds. We monitor continuously so we can react proactively and quickly.

Front-end development

We have a dedicated front-end team that helps ensure intuitive, accessible and user-friendly solutions. We use frameworks such as React.js, Vue.js and Next.js, and the choice of framework is based on the existing platform architecture and the wishes and requirements of the solution.

Web accessibility

We design and implement solutions according to current web accessibility requirements such as WCAG 2.1. The requirements are continuously updated and we keep up with them. We work with screen readers and test everything. Among other things, we use Storybook to ensure colour contrasts and font sizes.

CMS development

We build websites in Umbraco, DatoCMS and Sitecore, which we customise to the editorial needs of the current website. Migration is automated to the extent that it is cost-effective, and we help with the selection, setup and customisation of analytics and personalisation tools.

APIs & integrations

Analysing and integrating APIs is often a large part of the work when we develop our solutions. Both the customer's own systems and third-party solutions are mapped, and we investigate and set up access to the APIs. We also advise on data collection, GDPR, legislation and data ethics when data is to be merged.

Self-service solutions

We have extensive experience in developing complex self-service solutions. They are often built 'on top' of existing advanced core and specialist systems with login and authorisation management and integrated into a new user interface - without starting from scratch.

Security & GDPR

Security and anti-hacking is about authentication and authorisation - who you are and what you are allowed to do. We advise on which broker service is relevant in each context. Whether to use MitID or something else depends on the type of content behind the login.

Mobile apps

We develop native apps for iOS and Android. We utilise the latest mobile technologies and frameworks from Google and Apple as well as other relevant platforms such as Firebase. There is a strong focus on implementing accessibility requirements and efficient integration with the existing IT platform.

Authentication & MitID

We have extensive experience in implementing MitID, SSO solutions, AD integrations, OpenID and other user authentications.

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