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What does it mean?

We design and implement cloud solutions, based on public cloud infrastructures and cloud services. We design and build scalable cloud solutions on modern architectures such as micro-services and serverless.

Cloud Migration. The Easiest Business Decision Ever?

The benefits of migrating costly, inflexible and slow on-premise solutions to the cloud are widely recognized: limitless automated scalability, the ability to rapidly respond to opportunities, consumption-based costs, accelerated response times and reduced operational costs.

A Potentially Difficult Journey

But while making the decision to move to the cloud is relatively easy, making the journey to the cloud is less so. Most businesses have extensive experience in operating on-premise solutions and little experience in cloud solutions. What should be moved first, and to which cloud-type? How much will it cost in relation to its benefits? What about security? Also, silos can exist between operations and development, which often leads to conflicts between service stability and the speed at which new features are developed.

Be Guided By Experts

Charlie Tango are certified for designing cloud infrastructures and architectures for both Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. We help you devise a cloud strategy in accordance with your business objectives, develop a clear business case for either a fully cloud-native or a hybrid setup, run your platform of services so your internal team can focus on strategic initiatives, and link operational cost directly to demand in real time. With us beside you as a trusted advisor, you can realize all your transformation goals as you transition from cloud migration through to cloud evolution.

What we can offer you

  • Cloud Infrastructure & Architecture

    Cloud infrastructure and architecture is the foundation of great cloud-native applications. But designing for the cloud requires a different skill set than designing for on-premise. To get the full benefits of cloud computing you need in-depth knowledge of the different cloud providers, their infrastructure, and how to create the best architecture.

    Achieving the best results requires that the infrastructure and architecture is designed by cloud experts. At Charlie Tango we think cloud first. Building cloud solutions allows our clients to link operational cost directly to demand in real time. The solution automatically scales to the appropriate level and ensures the lowest possible response times. We are deeply experienced for designing cloud infrastructures and architectures for both Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

  • Cloud Migration

    We help you move your existing on-premise applications to the cloud by defining the journey that best support your transformation objectives and devising an actionable migration plan. Using a low-risk approach and thorough testing, we migrate and modernize your applications so you are ideally positioned to reap the full benefits of your cloud solution.

  • Site Reliability Engineering

    Running a reliable platform of services for your customers is key to providing a great customer experience. Focus on availability, performance and change management of your site and services is important and must be prioritized, planned and monitored. Running services is hard and often time consuming due to the lack of automation, shared responsibility and goals. Silos often exists between operations and development leading to conflicts between pace of new features and service stability.

  • Cloud-native implementation

    Reaping all the benefits of a cloud solution requires applications to be designed as cloud native. The classic method of building applications considers issues such as servers, capacities, load balancing and the like, and scalability is dependent on the servers running the application. A modern cloud-native application consists of a number of independent, loosely coupled microservices, each responsible for a limited business area. Execution of operations within the microservices is based on serverless technologies where costs are only incurred during execution and the execution environment only exists while the execution is taking place. Data is stored in buckets rather than in file systems, databases are globally available, costs are based on actual consumption and scalability is almost limitless.

  • API development & integration

    Most digital solutions are built from several products and utilize data from different sources, which is why integration is key to enabling these solutions to function seamlessly. But integrations are technically difficult. Using existing or third-party systems or data is often a challenge, and the right APIs can smooth the way. We are experts in API development and integration, so you can be sure that our solutions will help make a frictionless system.

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