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What does it mean?

We develop professional CMS and E-commerce solutions and modern top-of-the-line front end websites. We develop with focus on performance, quality, reusability and optimization.

Your website is often your important contact with your users

Visitors to your website will in very few moments define how they view your brand, your style, your seriousness and your whole business. Quality and finesse is therefore a key driver to ensuring that your customers experience your best side, and a slow, dated, error-prone or even at times unavailable site won’t do that. We ensure that your websites excel in both performance and quality by implementing modern solutions using procedures and standards developed and optimized by the top of the class.

The devil is in the detail

Often, it’s hard to explain why a website feels right and intuitive. It – of course – needs great design, intuitive layout and relevant content, but also the small details as animations, scroll speed, highlights, personalised content, etc. complete the experience. We help you get that extra wow-factor and ensures that your users are with a great experience when traversing your online content and features.

Your employees are also your users

Content managers, site analysts, marketing managers and other internal profiles need to work with your content, personalisation, analytics and marketing setup through the online systems that your websites utilise. We ensure that their experience and daily work is easy, intuitive and enjoyable by helping you choose, configure and implement your CMS in a way that suits your organisation, your needs and your employees’ qualifications and skill set. Your own employees should find the software enjoyable and effective to project this feeling towards your users and customers.

What we can offer you

  • Web Development

    Your website is the cornerstone of your online presence and the exemplification of your brand. Users today expect web interfaces to be user-friendly, intuitive and to instantly provide them with the content they need. Cluttered web solutions with slow loading time  that make searching for information cumbersome quickly make users go elsewhere to fulfill their needs. This is why we put the user and interface in focus to build websites, web portals and web solutions based on the latest technology that create dazzling personalized user experiences that strengthen your online presence and converts into leads.

  • CMS Strategy

    With the right content management system you can effortlessly create, publish and distribute content while also tracking progress. However, the different systems each have their benefits, and there are often costs associated with available out-of-the-box features. We help you find the right content management system that matches your business and web requirements. We can also evaluate the untapped potential of unused features in your current platform to drive significant increases in usage and business value.

  • CMS Development

    Content management systems allow website owners to easily separate content from layout and enable people without development skills to make updates to sites. We help you build great websites using either Sitecore, Episerver or Umbraco Content Management Systems (CMS) and customize the CMS to deliver components for any website.

  • CMS Personalization

    Today’s users expect online businesses to understand them, anticipate their needs and help solve them proactively. Living up to these requirements calls for continuous collection and analysis of your customers’ online behavior – and a configured CMS. We help you define a personalization strategy that allows you to utilize your CMS to profile your website visitors based on their behavior on your site and other sites. This lets you personalize your content and target the defined profiling groups of visitors, making them feel that the content or messages speaks directly to them.

  • E-Commerce Platform Development

    Achieving maximum e-commerce conversion rates very much depends on how the platform is designed, built and managed. E-commerce is all about the details; what makes the customers add that extra item? Can we simplify the flow? Can we A/B test different variations of products or flows, and how do we ensure optimum platform performance? We design and implement specialized solutions that are optimized for your business requirements to provide a stable, flexible and personalised e-commerce experience for your customers.

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