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Digital Business Strategy & Transformation

What does it mean?

Providing digital strategy consulting services setting the strategic direction and how to implement and transform the company or business unit.

Technological Change Heralds Opportunity

In the digital economy’s fast-changing business environment, emerging technologies and new entrants are challenging established industries. As products become commoditized and existing business models become obsolete, new challenges and a plethora of new opportunities arise.

Careful, Measured Steps Towards Lasting Success

However, a solid digital business strategy is essential for any business to thrive in the digital economy. So how do you successfully plan and execute a digital transformation? There are many questions that need answers. For example, where do you start; how should you prioritize your initiatives; which technologies can you leverage to create the most value; how do you identify and address your biggest threats and opportunities?

Expert Help – From Start To Finish

We help you define a strategic direction for your digital transformation. We assess how your current digital business model and digital architecture fits with your business objectives, we identify what separates where you are from where you want to be, and we give you a digital roadmap where each initiative is clearly defined and prioritized. With our solutions, you can shorten the time from idea to implementation and make business ready to claim its market position in today’s new competitive landscape.

What we can offer you

  • Digital Business Strategy and Transformation Plan

    In the wake of the transition from the industrial to the informational economy, new tools and methodologies are required to scale and successfully operate businesses. Business leaders need to navigate in the increasingly complex intersection between business, IT and design, and make tough decisions about which initiatives to prioritize and which initiatives to scrap. We help you define a strategic direction and identify the initiatives and capabilities you need to successfully execute it. The initiatives will be included in a digital prioritized roadmap including a business case for each initiative. A detailed implementation plan will be prepared including the KPIs necessary for the organisation to track and measure progress in achieving the CX vision and business objectives.

  • Go-to-market strategy

    Whether you are considering to launch a new offering or enter a new market, you need deep market insight, a solid understanding of the competitive landscape and a clear understanding of what problems you are trying to solve. Based on the outcomes you want to achieve, you need to make a series of decisions about where you will market it, what the right business model is, and how you best communicate it.

    We help you create an action plan that outlines how you most effectively market your offerings and communicate to your customer segments. Based on your business objectives, we help you prioritize your marketing activities so you optimize your resources while also maximizing the value you deliver to your customers.

  • Roadmap & Implementation Plan

    We help you prioritise initiatives based on the CX vision, leading design principles and business objectives. An overview of the prioritized initiatives across the organization will be illustrated in a digital roadmap.

    This will help you prioritize your activities so you optimize your use of resources while also maximizing the value you deliver to your customers.

  • Digital Architecture (SoE/SoI) — As-is & To-be

    We assess how well your current digital architecture supports your digital strategy and business objectives and provide clear recommendations for how you can optimize and supplement your architecture to reach your business objectives including how to reap the benefits of your customer data.

  • Segmentation (B2B/B2C)

    We identify and break down your total market potential into small prioritized segments based on selected characteristics. These can range from industry, company size, size of engagement and geography to customer needs, feelings, desired outcome and buying behaviour. We then develop detailed customer personas for each segment, enabling you to effectively target the prioritized segments.

  • Value Proposition

    The purpose of the project is to understand which products and services the organization has to offer each segment in order to meet its needs and achieve the desired outcome. This also covers how it should be communicated.

  • Data KPIs, Dashboard and Tracking

    The purpose of the project is to secure focus in the organization, create better decision making, prioritization, and a continued focus on mid- to long-term business objectives.

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