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Experience Design

Experience & design

At Charlie Tango, we work strategically with design. We design meaningful solutions that differentiate and create value for both user and business/organisation. We work user-centred and insight-driven. This means that we make our design decisions based on solid insights into user behaviour, needs and desires. We work closely with our customers, and through an iterative process, we ensure the integration of the knowledge and experience that lives in the organisation, as well as the anchoring of objectives and visions.

This is necessary for the development of dynamic and future-proof solutions that subsequently must develop along with the organisation and the surroundings. All design is conceptualised and validated. When ideas are translated into visual concepts, everyone can participate in an informed and equal way. We involve the relevant decision-makers, pofessional competences and users, and thereby achieving joint ideation and continuous validation of our solutions."


UX & Service Design

To design relevant digital services and products you need to understand who the users are and what tasks they need to perform. That's why we work user-centred and draw on methods and tools from UX and Service Design. User journeys, personas and service blueprints are natural tools in our work.

Digital design

Our designers work with digital aesthetics and visual balance. They understand how people see and perceive visual elements. They know the applicable conventions and design patterns for apps and web design and therefore also know when it makes sense to break them.

User testing

User testing, often conducted as think-aloud testing, is a simple and valuable method to ensure that the solutions we develop are relevant and accessible to the target audience. We user test during development as part of the process and on finished solutions for optimisation.

Concept & prototyping

In the first stages of a project, we bring ideas and suggestions to life in concepts and prototypes. When the ideas take shape and become tangible, it becomes clear what they entail in practice and it makes them suitable for involving relevant stakeholders, including users.

Design systems

We have extensive expertise in building design systems that ensure a consistent brand experience across interfaces and touch points. We systematise brand guidelines and CVI in a digital context of design elements, components, modules and page types. Everything is documented in code and made easily accessible for subsequent development.

Design sprint

We organise design sprints where a hypothesis or idea is developed into a validated concept. With us, a design sprint lasts eight days. Sure, we've read the book, but our experience shows that the extra three days add value and is a good investment to the process going forward.

Brand & digital identity

We design brands and visual identities. Either from scratch or as an extension of existing brand guidelines. If there is already an existing CVI, we can help translate and unfold it so that it works and scales in a digital context.

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