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Strategic Innovation

What does it mean?

Creating user-centric services and products, that close the gap between an organisation and it’s users. Expanding the offerings of the organisations, in the digital realm. Providing strategic innovation counselling and orchestration of innovation programmes at the corporate, business unit and product level.

Beating Disruption By Embracing It

As the digital transformation gives rise to emerging technologies at an unprecedented rate, most well-established value chains and business models are facing disruption. It is now clear that staying ahead of the competition in the digital age requires new ways of working.

The Uncertainty of Fresh Ideas

But how do you come up with new, innovative ideas that support your overall digital business strategy, and how do you prioritize them according to their business potential? Which initiatives should you invest your resources in? How do you execute them and ensure that they generate the expected growth?

Solving The Innovation Puzzle

The answer is, you get help. We assist you in defining an innovation strategy and developing a roadmap with the initiatives required to execute it. From providing advisory services to co-creating innovations in-house, in garage labs or corporate labs, we bring a structured approach to innovation that lets you measure the business impact of your innovations. We help you quickly test, validate and iterate so you can launch new products or services, unearth hidden value from existing ones, improve processes or reinvigorate business models that can be scaled at the necessary speed.

What we can offer you

  • Innovation Consulting

    We co-create a strategic direction for the innovation initiative, define clear success criteria and establish metrics so you can measure progress. We help you discover new pockets of growth or areas of operational optimization so you can pioneer new products, services and ways of working rather than simply respond to the competition.

  • Innovation Practice

    We help you establish an organizational innovation capability and provide you with a methodological framework that empowers you to explore new business opportunities in a structured and efficient way. We identify critical business problems in close collaboration with you, find the right solution and guide you towards its successful development and execution.

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Kasper Saunders Bang is the Commercial Director of Charlie Tango. Kasper is responsible for the overall commercial team at Charlie Tango and is also responsible for Charlie Tango's public customers.

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