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Evia - a newborn company (owned by the Danish PFA and British Audley Group) is in the process of launching a number of senior housing complexes across Denmark. The new buildings are - apart from luxury homes - built in attractive surroundings and designed to cultivate community and sustainability. Various facilities will be present in each area of housing, including a fitness center, spa, pool, café, and restaurant, plus more. We have helped Evia unfold their brand and present the new concept digitally, on a sustainable and scalable platform.

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Selling a vision

Evia wanted a scalable digital platform that reflected the brand’s luxuriousness and positive outlook on the later stages of life. The key challenge was to brand and present a new concept that wasn’t built yet. This emphasized the importance of the website’s ability to accurately reflect Evia’s core identity and values – so that users can gain an understanding of the concept without having seen the physical product. Another considerable challenge included balancing accessibility and design. The target audience’s older demographic requires an accessible, readable presentation, whilst the brand called for a dynamic and compelling design and interface.

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An accessible, dynamic and scalable solution

We designed and developed a brand-new website for Evia, building on their existing visual identity, which was digitally translated and developed upon. As always, we let the user experience pave the way for the design. As the site targets older users, we kept accessibility, readability, and simplicity at the core of every decision, whilst at the same time creating a dynamic and colourful digital experience. Thus, the site complies with WCAG 2.1 (an international standard for digital accessibility) and simultaneously contains subtle transitions and animations to make the design come alive. The site is built as a headless solution, using DatoCMS with frontend developed in ReactJC, which enables quick performance and easy scalability.


Design details

Top left) hover effect in line with the graphic element, right) the arrow which emphasizes thoughts of progression, bottom left) visual design principles.

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Content creation

As part of the process, we co-created content functioning as digital art directors alongside photographer Martin Sølyst.

Only a starting point

The scalability of the solution will prove to be very relevant in the coming phases of the project, as these entail actual homes going on sale. The future website will need to cater to both transactions as well as operations. It has been a pleasure to work with Evia and we look forward to our continued collaboration. In other words; we can’t wait for the next phase to begin.

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