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A modern, aesthetically pleasing website with accessibility at its core

Selling a vision

Evia wanted a digital platform that reflected the exclusivity and hospitality that the brand stands for. The big challenge was introducing a new brand and a new concept, without having completed the homes. It was therefore essential that the website became a reflection and display of Evia's values and identity, providing the user with a clear understanding of the brand and vision without having seen the physical product. In addition, the task consisted of creating a dynamic, lively and scalable user experience for an older and non-digitally native target group.

Design details; a) hover effect in line with the graphic element, b) the arrow that reinforces the idea of momentum, c) visual design principles.

An accessible, dynamic and scalable solution

We developed a new website based on an existing visual identity, which we translated and unfoldet in a digital universe. As always, we let the target audience and user journey define and guide the design. As the site targets older users, we focused on accessibility, readability and simplicity, while aiming to make the experience exciting, vibrant and dynamic. The site fully complies with WCAG 2.1 (web accessibility standard) while incorporating subtle transitions and animations for a vibrant look and feel. The site is developed as a headless solution on DatoCMS with the frontend developed in ReactJS, which enables fast performance and supports scalability of the solution.

Just the beginning

The next phase consists of showcasing and putting the homes up for sale on the website. In the long term, the solution must be able to support the operation and resale of the homes, as well as be a hub for all Evia's services.

Our new site manages to showcase our concept for exclusive serviced senior housing before we actually have the first buildings. We are very pleased with the first step and look forward to the continued development together with Charlie Tango.

Mikala Kreiser, Managing DirectorEvia
As part of the process, we helped develop content together with photographer Martin Sølyst.