We created a website and app, revolving around our data-driven mission

Sticks’n’Sushi, being one of the most successful restaurant groups in Denmark, is known for its high-quality sushi and yakitori sticks, catering to both families and trendsetters. The restaurant group distinguishes itself by offering a noteworthy in-house dining experience, aiming to provide quality service and a luxurious aesthetic with a personal, local twist, dependent on the restaurant.

Occupying a leading market position, Sticks’n’Sushi face a substantial demand for takeaway orders, as well as high expectations for the takeout and delivery experience. Historically, the restaurants have dealt with an unstable takeaway system, which at times would fail – resulting in the loss of orders and unsatisfied guests. Thus, Sticks’n’Sushi’s main challenges included optimizing the takeout experience and takeout growth, as well as working on guest relationships. Overall, the brand wished to cultivate its operational excellence, through “Kaizen,” in true Japanese fashion.

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A multiplatform solution

To address these challenges, we decided to create a brand-new eCommerce platform for the website which we were already catering, as well two apps (iOS and Android) to carry the takeaway system. The project revolved around our data-driven mission, aiming to continuously collect data and insights on the usage of the systems, allowing for constant improvement – in turn optimizing the processes.

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A smooth transition

We understand that adapting to new technologies isn’t always painless. Hence, in order to minimize any discrepancies and silently overcome potential challenges, the new eCommerce system was constructed around the former one. This paved the way for a smooth and gradual transition, which would conclude entirely in the new system. Further, in busy restaurants, it is vital that systems remain simple, as it might otherwise affect the employee’s efficiency. Thus, intuition lies at the heart of this product.

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Rerouting the user journey

Traditionally, the user chooses delivery time and location prior to reading the menu. However, we chose to flip this setup around. The system starts by presenting the menus, and culminates at checkout, where multiple payment options are offered, and the user has the choice between delivery and pickup. This atypical setup allows the user to browse and be intrigued before having to fill out practicalities. Menus are altered and reorganized regularly, so we secured the platform’s communication with the cash registers in each individual restaurant, too. Additionally, the option to deselect certain extras – such as chopsticks or soy sauce – was made available in order to avoid waste.

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A luxurious feel

Corresponding to the luxurious feeling of dining at one of the groups restaurants, the idea was to create a digital product that replicated this experience. Both the website and the native app lays heavy focus on a sleek design that depicts the aesthetic of the brand and translates it to a user-friendly and elegant digital solution.

The data-driven foundation

We are strong believers in the power of data, which has played a key role in the creation of the platforms. The systems provide insights that allow for continuous quality checks and adjustments, along with enriched, GDPR-compliant knowledge on guests. Laying the groundworks for how to serve guests more accurately, insights like these can bring essential points of discussion to light. This is increasingly important for the group, as they delve into new, international markets where consumer needs may differ – most recently London and Berlin.

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The technological perks

Behind the simplistic façade, the app is equipped with unique, technological perks. For example, if an error occurs throughout an order, the app makes sure that the chosen restaurant receives the order by alternate means, such as email. Additionally, the system is carefully programmed to suit the capacity of each of Sticks’n’Sushi’s locations. In this way, the restaurants evade overbooking and keep the orders coming at manageable rates. The system, that communicates with Oracle’s POS system, “Symphony”, is flexible and can be adjusted to work in alternate setups.

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Kasper Saunders Bang is the Commercial Director of Charlie Tango. Kasper is responsible for the overall commercial team at Charlie Tango and is also responsible for Charlie Tango's public customers.

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