Making Danish citizens feel empowered about their health is the official portal for the public Danish Healthcare Services and enables citizens and healthcare professionals to find information and communicate. The portal facilitates patient-centered digital services that provide access to and information about the Danish healthcare services. wanted an app to support their vision to continuously make health information and -data easy to access and understand. The ambition was to become the main entrance point for all danish citizens, providing easy and transparent access to their personal health data.Thus, providing an overall better health service, making the users feel well-informed and empowered in regards to their contact with the health services and their health in general. In this way, they also wanted to attract more people to use their service. asked Charlie Tango for strategic and UX competencies to help them create the new user-friendly app. The task involved framing a clear vision behind the app to ensure that goals were achieved as well as creating the concept including the overall structure, navigation and interaction design of the app.

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Process and approach

The project's process was characterized as insight-driven and co-creative with ongoing validation of the solution and conducted in close co-operation with healthcare units, the users, and the project team from

Research & Conceptualization

Based on comprehensive research, insights gathering, and identification of needs, we created the app vision and concept. Together with, we managed to conduct and initiate an ambitious concept- and project plan with a launch of version 1 scheduled only 3 months ahead.

Design & Development

Through continuous user involvement and user testing, we created and launched first version of an innovative, transparent and user-engaging app.

Danske Regioner is today continuously working on improving and expanding the app.

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Anonymous user

The timeline works well and allows me to quickly and easily get an overview of my pregnancy period with the tests and studies I have taking along the way


The new app provides Danske Regioner with an easy to use health service for the citizens with a nice look and feel, intuitive interface, and great informative overview.

The app has been downloaded 30.000 times and there are up to 200 active users of the app every day (only iOS).