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The website as knowledge bank for an entire industry

F&P is the industry association for insurance and pension in Denmark. The organisation looks after the industry's interests and works to communicate the industry's role in solving relevant social problems. Besides that, they have an important task of knowledge sharing between the members, which largely takes place on and around the website. Charlie Tango has designed the website, which presents the organisation's opinions and extensive knowledge, for both members and external stakeholders with an interest in the organisation.

Event / afholdt

Kickstarter: Design Matters 23' Wrap Up

On October 12th we are inviting you to the Kickstarter: Design Matters 23' Wrap Up. Together with Mia Maria Tarp, Program Manager at Design Matters, we'll be delving into the most captivating discussions that arose during the conference like: Will AI ever replace us? Are we, as designers, prepared to redefine our future to prioritize planetary needs over human conveniences? Can design truly create culture, and can culture, in turn, shape our values and determine our future?

Charlie Tango at Folkemødet 2023

Folkemødet is a celebration of democracy, and the approximately 2,800 events taking place over three days all reflect the democratic agenda of society. Technology is an essential part of this, and some of the aforementioned events are about the impact of technology on democracy and society as a whole. At Charlie Tango, we love democracy and we love technology. So, of course, we're there, and we've sent Kasper Saunders Bang to listen, meet interesting people and participate in the debates.

Event / afholdt

Kickstarter: Unlocking accessibility

On Tuesday, June 13th, we invite you to an intriguing conversation about accessibility intersecting with design, strategy, and development. Kickstart your day in the company of our talented UX Designer, Celina Nyborg Thomsen, Senior Designer, Louise From, and Lead Engineer, Daniel Plejdrup Schmidt. Together, they have prepared three presentations that will spark a discussion about the importance of creating solutions that cater to all users.

Charlie Tango hosts workshop at Design Matters in Tokyo

For the second year in a row, we're heading to Tokyo to participate in Design Matters Tokyo, and this time we're taking it a step further with a thought-provoking workshop facilitated by Lea Senderovitz and Rasmus Sanko. We're excited to dive into the world of speculative design and explore with the participants how we can use the method to tackle systemic challenges. We promise that it will be exciting!

We have gained three new colleagues

Per Jensen has joined us as Senior Backend Developer after 23 years in a similar position at AKQA. Per is a trained engineer and has a backpack full of competences. Charlotte Franciska Christiansen is our new intern in the design team, where we benefit from her digital design skills. Charlotte is in her final year of Multimedia Design at KEA. Maria Thoudahl Lundqvist has started an internship with us as part of the front-end team. Maria is also studying at KEA, where she is also completing the Multimedia Design programme. We are so happy to have you on the team - welcome!

Event / afholdt

Kickstarter: Design for the planet 23.03.2023

Join us for our first edition of Kickstarter, where we share reflections on sustainability as it interacts with design, strategy, implementation and business development. In many ways, designers have a unique role and function in today's society. They are faced with countless critical choices in the design process that shape our shared future - and this requires special attention in order to lead the world in a more sustainable direction.

Self-service portal with signing solution for the Danish Energy Agency

The Danish Energy Agency is a public authority under the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Supply that works with a wide range of tasks in Denmark's energy and supply sector. Ongoing regulations in legislation in the energy field have meant that the Danish Energy Agency is experiencing a continuous increase in case processing tasks. With the development of the new self-service portal, we have helped with the automation and efficiency of these, so that the Danish Energy Agency can provide citizens with a more efficient service and focus on the tasks where it adds value to handling the process manually.

An app for the modern workplace

Wørk is a powerful app for today's hybrid workplace. The app allows you to share information about internal activities and errands. For example, you can ensure daily planning for colleagues and make holidays, dental appointments and sick days visible, as well as special occasions such as summer parties and Christmas parties. There was no solution when the need arose for us, so we decided to design and build our own app, which became Wørk.

A modern, aesthetically pleasing website with accessibility at its core

Evia, owned by PFA, is launching exclusive, serviced senior housing with quality, sustainability and attractive surroundings at the centre. A new way of living where, in addition to the homes themselves, there will be shared facilities such as fitness, spa, pool, café and restaurant. We helped Evia unfold their brand and introduce the housing concept online in a future-proof, scalable solution.

Service Design Global Conference 2021: Key takeaways

This year's Service Design Global Conference has come and gone - and once again, we're brimming with valuable insights into the design industry's agenda from the past year. One thing is for sure - designers have a growing responsibility to contribute to a sustainable, fair and ethical world. And it's time to take a stand on the impact we want to have with our design. Hence this year's theme; "Taking a Stand".

A typical day @Charlie Tango

A stone's throw from Trianglen, we are about 60 geeky minds designing, implementing, coding and laughing every day. One of those heads is Alf Arén - UI designer on a number of our projects. Alf has been with us for a year and a half, following his time at Dinesen and SimpleFeast and a longer independent career. He has mastered the flexible working day; his schedule is tailored to his personal efficiency curve and lifestyle. On top of that, he's the office DJ. Read below to see what a typical day as a designer at Charlie Tango looks like for Alf!

Charlie Tango makes changes in the top management and continues strategic transformation

CEO of Charlie Tango, Uffe Henriksen, is leaving the company as of 16 August due to a new international job opportunity. He will be replaced by Martin Nebelong Olsen, who is currently Technology Director at the digital agency. At the same time, the CCM area (Customer Communications Management) will be separated from the business and continnue as an independent business unit in KMD, headed by CEO Mette Heering Pontoppidan. The adjustments should be seen as part of the continued strengthening of Charlie Tango's market focus.

Software-defined visual storytelling in an online product catalogue

Vizrt is the world's leading provider of visual tools used by content creators in the broadcasting, sports and e-sports industries. They offer creative tools for 3D graphics, video, sports analytics and visual journalism. Vizrt wanted Charlie Tango's help to create a website that would support their many great animations in a modern and contemporary style. The goal was to optimise their online communication with existing customers and expand into new segments.

A digital presence that brings members closer

Dansk Erhverv is one of Denmark's largest employers' organizations with a vision to be the preferred advisor for the business comunity. As part of achieving this, Dansk Erhverv wanted a strong digital presence and therefore initiated, in collaboration with Charlie Tango, a strategic project with a focus on optimizing the brand, increasing content relevance and revitalizing the visual expression.

A vibrant and dynamic e-commerce platform for desktop and mobile

Sticks'n'Sushi is known for its quality sushi and yakitori sticks that appeal to both families and trendsetters. The restaurant chain is one of Denmark's most successful and differentiates itself by offering a memorable restaurant experience. They endeavour to offer quality service as well as luxurious aesthetics with a personal, local twist to each restaurant. We helped Sticks-n-Sushi bring this aesthetic to their digital universe.

Digitalisation of Danish democracy

Denmark is world-renowned for having a transparent and open political environment, where the individual citizen has a say in who can run for parliamentary elections. In 2018, a new law on voter declarations came into force, and the then Ministry of Social Affairs and Interior wanted a more transparent model for collecting voter declarations. We helped with concept development and designed and built the final solution. We did this based on our extensive experience in developing public digital solutions that are both secure and easy to use.

An app that brings citizens closer to their health data

Behind are Danish regions, the Ministry of Interior and Health and the National Association of Municipalities. The portal provides health data to citizens and health professionals and ensures communication between them. We helped developing the citizen-facing app, MinSundhed, and used our extensive experience with UX strategy, concept development and app design.

A portal that made new legislation come to live

The Parliamentary Committee Secretariat helps politicians with reports, bills and motions, among other things. When the law on citizens' proposals became a reality, it was also decided that the new option for submitting proposals to the Danish Parliament should be online. The Parliamentary Committee Secretariat wanted an easily accessible citizen-centred solution that met their process requirements for internal processing. We therefore planned a project that combined a user-centred approach and a strong focus on their internal processes and workflows.

Wireless card payment via your smartphone

In 1983, Nets first introduced the Dankort: a national debit card that has since become the preferred payment method in Denmark. The Dankort has been a trusted brand for more than three decades, ensuring its considerable commercial success. However, as digitalisation progressed throughout the 2010s, the Dankort saw its position threatened by increasing competition from digital payment solutions. Therefore, Nets partnered with Charlie Tango, who had extensive experience with digital banking solutions, to develop a Dankort app.

Most downloaded and used app in Denmark

Danske Bank is one of the largest banks in Denmark. They have been around for more than 150 years and are a well-known player in the Danish private and business economy. They strive to be a driving force for growth and development in society, and have evolved along with society and helped shape the development. Not least digitally and thus also in terms of mobile payment. With our vast experience in creating apps, we were asked to help with the development of the basic concept and first version of what became known as MobilePay.