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About us

For us, the term geek is a badge of honour. We work in multi-disciplinary teams and we respect each other's deep knowledge and thorough craftsmanship, but we also like to challenge opinions and solutions. From the outside, we may look like a motley crew with our mix of people, backgrounds and interests. We see this as a strength, because each employee's personal and professional qualities contribute to Charlie Tango, where we strive to challenge the status quo with each other and our customers every day.

I love diving with sharks.

Daniel Llorente Tabor

Chief Technology Officer

I have been featured in Football Manager.

Kristoffer Kjelde

Frontend Team Lead

I have a pink kitchen.

Rikke Holten

Digital Project Manager

I can (almost) run a whole kilometer without taking breaks.

Mikkel Gunge Gottschalck

Junior Backend Developer

I once took a 36-hour nap.

Zara Najiballah

Senior Frontend Developer

I love country music.

Martin Nebelong Olsen

Chief Executive Officer

I'm pretty geeky about the Star Wars universe.

Lasse Stoltze Jensen

Senior Developer / Architect

Andrei Vleju

Senior Backend Developer

I have a Balkan playlist and sing along in Bosnian.

Tine Llorente Tabor

Senior Digital Project Manager & Bid Manager

I once helped create those cake drawings featured on The Great Bake Off.

Karina Kranker

UX Designer

I have been a passionate numismatist for over 30 years.

Per Jensen

Senior Backend Developer

I'm not into fun facts.

Janne Byrnak

Senior UX Designer

I got the nickname 'unicorn' at my previous job - probably because I dress up as a unicorn a few times a year.

Ihor Leleka

Senior Backend Developer

I once had to purchase life insurance to travel by bus in Brazil.

Claus Blæsenborg Wang Sandgren

Frontend Developer

Earlier in my career, I worked as a graphic designer for Microsoft. A couple of months after I started, I found out that I'm colorblind.

Robert Kosek

Senior Backend Developer

I live with Ilse, Ib, Chica, Bella, Gizmo, and my daughter Dina.

Kenneth Olsen

Chief Operating Officer

The only developer who doesn't run on coffee.

Daniel Schmidt

Lead Engineer

In 4th grade, I won the autumn chess tournament at Terndrup School.

Mille Danmark Sørensen

Junior Digital Project Manager

I am a proud Brazilian woman, mother, wife, and frontend developer.

Barbara Regina Costa Bento Ferreira

Frontend Developer

Wears socks with sandals. Unironically.

Frederik Boldsen Bosch

Senior Frontend Developer

A long time ago, I recorded Atari games and programs from the radio. I used it to understand basic coding. The time for free software!

Slawomir Skiba

Senior Backend Developer

It took me 1 year to come up with this description.

Niels Hallas Dreijer

Frontend Developer

I have baked the world's largest donut, measuring 80 cm in diameter.

Morten Lindhardt Madsen

Senior UX Designer

Got known as Laura 10.5 in Nuuk after catching a 10.5 kg fish.

Laura Baarts

UX Designer

My first job on the CV was four years as Mr. Hjort and Grev Grævling at Bakken.

Jacob Erskov Halland

Frontend Developer

I'm on level 5666 in Candy Crush.

Lea Senderovitz

Chief Experience Officer

I loooooove video games and once took a week off just to play my Nintendo Switch.

Maria Thoudahl Lundqvist

Junior Frontend Developer

I play Mario Kart every day.

Ulla Tønner

Senior UX Designer

I use olive oil instead of butter in my oatmeal.

Casper Korsgaard

Senior Backend Developer

I can breakdance.

Martynas Brikys

Senior Frontend Developer

I once won silver at the European Championship in Latin dance.

Deborah Karva

UI Designer

I eat chocolate every day, and I mean EVERY single day.

Linda Kærhus Passarge

Agile Tester

I once used page flip for all page transitions in a Keynote presentation.

Janus Møller

Senior UX Designer

I lived in Kenya for four years.

Patrick Juhl Petersen

Project Manager

I was recently a backup dancer for Aqua.

Frederik Aagaard

Head of Design

I have danced with Outkast on Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival.

Celina Nyborg Thomsen

UX Designer

It's me people call when they need a handyman.

Siw Mehlin Højland Pedersen

Frontend Developer

Yes, my curls are real.

Tobias Roland Uyet

Intern Frontend Developer

I can name all 152 original Pokémon.

Malte Tambo Skjoldager

Student Frontend Developer

I'm not that funny.

Deepshikha Choudhary

Frontend Developer

I was once questioned by a drunken customs officer and three armed soldiers.

Rasmus Sanko

Chief Strategy Office

I designed the Police uniform jacket in collaboration with two industrial designers in 2002, and there were 100 specifications for the task.

Sidsel Kjøller Damkjær

Director Strategy & Relations

I caught 7 large cod fish on my first fishing trip.

Julie Kristiane Søltoft

UI Designer

I spend most of my free time on a surf skateboard and run a community for women who surf.

Camilla Maria Oldenburg

UX Designer

Maria Louise Gautier

Senior Digital Project Manager

I'm crazy about Roquefort cheese, but at the same time, without having tasted them, I'm NOT a fan of olives.

Jacob Grande

Team Lead Backend

I follow Leo The Lobster on YouTube.

Alf Aren

Senior UI Designer

I can play the first part of Swan Lake on the violin - but that's it. If you ask me to tell you how to play the C note, I wouldn't know how to do it.

Deborah Roost

UI Designer

When I was little, I was involved in starting a petition against animal testing in the cosmetics industry.

Louise From

Senior UI Designer

I've rewatched The Lord of the Rings trilogy (Director's cut) once a year for the last 20 years (some years, twice).

Magdalena Otrębska

Frontend Developer

Allan Koch

Senior Backend Developer

I once tap danced on Ramasjang.

Sarah Ørbjerg


Michał Czarnecki

Senior Backend Developer

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Niels Damkjær

Senior Backend Developer

If it was socially acceptable, I would eat tacos 7 days a week.

Jennie Flygel

Senior UI Designer

I can touch my nose with my tongue.

Hannah Lee

UI Designer

Amalie Enshelm Jensen

Senior UX Designer

I always send 10 short messages instead of one long one.

Anne-Sofie Rosenmeier

Head of People & Culture

To be honest… I'm from Middle-Earth.

Angelica Agud

QA Manager

I dreamed of becoming a doctor, but I faint at the sight of blood.

Agnieszka Sas-Malarczyk

Senior Backend Developer

I have sold toast in a swimming pool kiosk for 4 years.

Mie Ryaa Correll

Seinor Digital Project Manager & Process Lead

I was once cast in a movie because of my ears.

Marie Begovich

Senior UX Designer