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Charlie Tango stands for creativity & technology

We are a digital agency based in Østerbro in Copenhagen and home to around 65 of the Nordic region's most talented people within development, data science and experience design. We help companies and organisations that are passionate about what they do and aspire to excel digitally. We do this by designing and implementing user-centred, data-driven products and services of the highest quality. Together with our customers, we develop modern digital businesses and organisations that contribute meaning and value to the business, the individual and society. Learn more about who we are and what we have to offer.

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Kickstarter: Design Matters 23' Wrap Up

On October 12th we are inviting you to the Kickstarter: Design Matters 23' Wrap Up. Together with Mia Maria Tarp, Program Manager at Design Matters, we'll be delving into the most captivating discussions that arose during the conference like: Will AI ever replace us? Are we, as designers, prepared to redefine our future to prioritize planetary needs over human conveniences? Can design truly create culture, and can culture, in turn, shape our values and determine our future?