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After Folketinget adopted resolution B169 on 2 June 2016 concerning “borgerforslag”, where Danish citizens can submit proposals for consideration in Parliament, Folketinget needed assistance to scope, design and develop the initiative in a web solution.


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Initially, Folketinget chose Charlie Tango to conduct a pre-analysis project with the aim of defining goals for the initiative, clarify requirements, identify technological dependencies and develop the concept and user flows.

Based on the successful completion of this project, Charlie Tango was chosen as the vendor to complete the technical implementation of the website. We built the solution as a dynamic website based on the Umbraco CMS, which gave the editors an intuitive and easily accessible interface to maintain their content.

Umbraco was fully utilized both as a base platform for editing and setting up dynamic pages consisting of some reusable modules, but also in the form of a fully customized administrative interface that allowed editors to follow and interact with the individual suggestions.

Also, a technical part was built to store data on proposals, support, etc. to control the whole logic of the proposals and their status securely and dynamically, which of course fully supports the new GDPR rules. In this context, both the NemID and the CPR (Civil Registration System) registry were integrated to validate the citizens and ensure that they had the necessary rights to vote.

Build - 100% scalable

We also provide hosting, support and ongoing maintenance. Everything is hosted in Azure, built in .NET and Microsoft SQL server is used as data storage. Furthermore, it is integrated to SendGrid mail system using message queues, which ensures that everything is sent and received correctly, even though there is a great deal of pressure on the system. Everything is set up so it's 100% scalable and can handle large amounts of traffic.


We delivered the project on deadline and budget. There have been no significant errors since launch in January 2018. The Folketing has thus obtained a successful and scalable solution that makes it easy for citizens to use the solution and gives the editors an intuitive and easily accessible admin interface to work in. Since launch, there have been more than 250,000 monthly visitors.


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