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Arbejdernes Landsbank

An empathetic bank in a digital universe

Information-heavy website with a welcoming appearance

Arbejdernes Landsbank realised that the bank's public face no longer matched the reputation it was known for among its customers. The high level of service and in-depth expertise did not come across on the website. specialist pages with information on finance in all its guises. Thus the new website radiates a modern and welcoming bank, and the design makes it easy to navigate both light material and more in-depth subject texts. To achieve this communicative versatility, Charlie Tango worked with design principles for how users should experience an exploratory situation versus an immersive reading experience, which was supported visually by page types that fulfil varying immersion needs.

Visual means support the bank's empathetic profile

Based on a newly developed visual identity, Charlie Tango developed and rolled out the visual design in a digital context with the keyword Empathy as a guiding star. The design is airy and playful but maintains the bank's seriousness and credibility by utilising editorial elements. The website utilises micro-interactions that guide the user towards the primary action options. This can be in the form of a subtle colour change when the mouse hovers over a button or a soft opening of the content-rich menu. Allowing the page to remain neat and calm while you immerse yourself, and the menu presents the page's many topics in a clear way without it becoming heavy and clumsy. All stylistic choices and components are documented in a design system that Arbejdernes Landsbank can use in future development.

An empathetic bank can be used by everyone

An essential focus for the new website is to ensure web accessibility so that the bank's website can service all customers now and in the future. The website has therefore been developed according to the web accessibility standard WCAG 2.1 level AA, which will be the statutory level for financial institutions from 2025. The work on web accessibility started already in the design production with ongoing testing of contrast ratios and readability. The technical implementation of the solution further supports the requirements by ensuring that the website can be used by visitors using screen readers, keyboard navigation and similar assistive devices.

The technical implementation provides security for bank and customers

The solution is developed in .NET Core and React.js in a decoupled architecture that enables lightning-fast performance, while Umbraco CMS provides the intuitive user interface for editors to manage content on a daily basis. The solution is hosted on Arbejdernes Landsbank's own Microsoft Azure tenant by Charlie Tango's solution architects in close collaboration with Arbejdernes Landsbank IT. The solution architecture is scalable and supports the bank's strict security requirements for protection against DDoS attacks and hacker attacks. The solution is also penetration tested to verify compliance with the required security requirements.