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Dansk Erhverv - The Danish Chamber of Commerce

A digital presence that brings members closer

New visual identity and online presence

Dansk Erhverv found that their existing and potential members had limited knowledge of which relevant membership offers existed. In addition, they were challenged by their internal workflows, which made it difficult to follow up on new leads. They also felt that their visual identity no longer matched the work they were doing and the perception they had of themselves. The challenge was therefore to update Dansk Erhverv's digital presence both internally and externally.

Repositioning of a modern organisation

The development of the new visual identity with logo and tone of voice, which supports Dansk Erhverv's ambition to position itself as a modern organisation, was made possible through thorough analyses of Dansk Erhverv's self-understanding with the help of internal stakeholders. Based on thorough analyses and mapping of target groups and user scenarios, the content was significantly reduced and structured based on the users' needs, behavior and understanding. The relevance for the users was increased and the editors' work was made easier.

A technical solution that follows up on leads

To facilitate internal workflows, we integrated an onboarding workflow into ClickDimensions. This means that it is now easy for the individual account manager at Dansk Erhverv to follow up on their leads and strengthen the relationship with the potential member through a personalised dashboard. The solution is built on a robust Episerver platform with integration to MS Dynamics.

This process has not only transformed our digital presence - it has also changed our mindset about how we serve our members today.

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