A homepage that empowers customers in financial decision making

Danske Bank, the leading financial institution in the Nordics, wanted to increase their ability to attract potential customers and engage existing customers through their web presence. At the same time, they were looking to increase awareness for their private and business banking divisions. Their existing webpage was highly complex to navigate, the language used was primarily written inside-out, and users rarely read the content. Besides, the site was inaccessible via mobile phone, and in general Danske Bank did not deliver the high level of customer experience that they aspired to. Danske Bank therefore engaged with Charlie Tango with an ambition to move the company from its traditional inside-out product orientation to a customer-centric focus, demonstrating that exceptional customer experience was at the core of their business.

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A restructured and redesigned homepage

Based on thorough qualitative and quantitative research, we mapped out user journeys to understand the customers’ needs and how they experienced the website across central touchpoints. Based on these insights, we identified and described key personas who each had different needs.We then ideated and sketched the overall structure of a new website that matched the different needs and through an agile approach, we drew, designed, and built a highly modular front-end in theAngularJS, implemented on Sitecore. Based on this simplified structure, Danske Bank significantly reduced the number of pages and menu items, thereby making it easier for users to navigate the homepages and find relevant content written in an easy to understand language. As part of the process, we also supported the creation of Danske Banks new digital CVI, as the new website was the first prominent launch using the new corporate identity across all of the Danske Bank markets.

Targeted and personalized communication

To enable the high level of personalization and relevancy for users, we designed the website based on a module-based approach, where modules can be removed, distributed, replaced or optimized for the individual user based on their behavior. Danske Bank can now present tailored content and call-to-actions that meets the user’s needs for information and is relevant to his/her specific situation.

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