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Guided by principles of co-creation, conversation and curiosity, Tech Festival provides citizens with an open forum where they can come together to discuss what impact the development and introduction of new technologies could and should have on people and society in general. This year, under the headline “where human and technology meet”, more than 10.000 people from across the globe met in Kødbyen between 5-7 of September. As one of the partners behind Tech Festival, we this year sent a small team to interview both participants and presenters in our Charlie Tango studio. The interviews were broadcasted live on our Facebook channels and are gathered below.

Thomas Madsen-Mygdal – Initiator of Techfestival
Techfestival - meet the founder
Techfestival is an open forum where citizens from all over the world meet and engage in conversations about technology’s impact on citizens and society at whole.

George Roter – Director of Open Innovation Programs at Mozilla 
Democratizing voice recognition and its implications
Technology is opinionated, and the availability of new radical technologies are becoming ever greater. How do we steer the development of future user interfaces in an ethical direction?

Aza Raskin – Co-Founder of The Center for Humane Technology
Humanizing technology
Technology is not about making us superhuman, it is about making us extra human by taking the parts of us that are most brilliant and enhance them through technology

Nicholas Hawtin – CEO & Co-Founder at Nordic Legal Tech
Can technology build trust?
As one of the most digitalized places in the world with a very high level of trust, there are exciting opportunities for digital services in the Nordics

Martin Sønderlev Christensen – Head of Institute of Visual Design at KADK
When you invent the ship you also invent the shipwreck
There will always be potentially negative sides to the things we create so how do we work towards a preferable future? What does the life vest of AI look like?

Lene Rachel Andersen – Member of The Club of Rome and Co-founder of Nordic Bildung
We need new institutions
We have a history of high trust in the Nordics but when designing modern and secure systems we still need human rights, dignity and freedom at the core of technologies

Christophe Lephilibert – CMO at Barry
Making electricity easy, fair and fun
Barry aspires to revolutionize how households consume energy by providing behavioural insights and visualizations of consumption with the aim of reducing co2 footprints at a micro level

Alexandra Andhov – Assistant Professor in Corporate Law at University of Copenhagen
Technology’s impact on law
How is tech regulated in a time where everything becomes digitized and to what extend does that affect legal education?