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How will the future of fintech unfold in Denmark? What are the biggest data ethics challenges facing the tech community? Which technology trends should we look out for as businesses and citizens? These are some of the questions we explore in a series of interviews where we invite thought leaders to share their views on the future of technology across a wide variety of topics. Using Mevo automated video-recording, we broadcast the interviews live on our Facebook channel, and make them available here afterwards.. You can see the full interviews below.

Reach out to Tim Frank Andersen if you have suggestions for upcoming themes or interviewees.

Kim Jong Andersen – Chairman of Danish Digital Awards
Danish Digital Awards (DDA)
Do your digital solutions follow through and can they position themselves in the long run? Danish digital forerunners differentiate themselves through designing digital platforms that are rooted in companies' core services. The DDA cases that achieved this last year were at an international level creatively.

Steen Hildebrandt – Professor at Aarhus School of Business and Partner at Hildebrandt & Brandi
Sustainable Technological Development
Do UN’s 17 Global Goals influence how your company operates? Steen Hildebrandt gives his take on how we can responsibly secure the well-being of future generations aided by quantum leaps in technology. You can also hear examples on private companies moving quickly on this – developing sustainable business models posing for new digital solutions.

David Guldager – Tech Expert and Speaker
The Home of the Future

The Danish tech expert, David Guldager, recommends the most interesting gadget gifts in 2019, and gives his take on the year to come. He also talks about the exciting project “the digital home of the future", the rapid development of AI within eSport, and the future of self-driving cars and flying robo taxis.

Astrid Simonsen Joos – CDO at Signify
Intelligent lighting with Signify

Philips lighting has undergone a huge digital transformation, transitioning from lightbulbs to intelligent lighting systems, and changing their name to Signify. Hear what happened when I talk to Astrid Simonsen Joos, Chief Digital Officer, at Signify Global, tells the story about the transformation and gives a glimpse about the future of smart home IoT, the future of LED and 3D printed mass customized luminaires.

Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer – COO at Coinify
Reinventing the monetary system

Hans Henrik Hoffmeyer, COO at Coinify, and one of Denmark’s leading experts within digital payments solutions, shares his take on the current state of cryptocurrencies and Facebook’s challenges with its new stablecoin Libra. He also gives his predictions on how new market trends and developments may affect the cryptocurrency industry and the financial sector in general.

Nana Bule – CEO at Microsoft Denmark
The journey of Microsoft
Nana Bule, CEO of Microsoft Denmark, shares her view on how today's technologies can support the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. She has been with Microsoft for 18 years and witnessed how the company transformed from a traditional software business to an internet-based services and programs leader with great success.

Lars Frelle-Petersen – Director at Dansk Industri
From public to private digitization
Lars Frelle-Petersen has held a number of exciting roles in the Danish business community with responsibility for digital development. From initially overseeing public digitization at the Ministry of Finance of Denmark and the Danish Agency of Digitization to being at the forefront of digital transformations in the private sector as Director of Dansk Industry.

Christiane Vejlø – CEO at Elektronista Media
Common Ethical framework of Data Ethics
The Danish Expert Group on Data Ethics has recommended six ethical principles for the development and use of responsible AI in Denmark in order to maintain a high level of trust. Christiane Vejlø highlights the challenges for companies working with customer data and the future prospect of data collection.

Tue Mantoni – Professional Board Member
Elevate Danish companies’ competitiveness
Tue Mantoni is the Chairman of Danish AM Hub – an Industriens Fond initiative aiming to create growth through Additive Manufacturing. The immersive 3D print technology contains many value-adding possibilities for technology enthusiastic businesses.

Thomas Krogh Jensen – CEO of Copenhagen FinTech
Growing the Fintech ecosystem

Copenhagen Fintech was created to further financial technology and companies that work with it. Copenhagen Fintech is the intermediary between the established financial services industry and Fintechs. Start-ups are provided with competences in order to grow via investments creating growth and jobs in Copenhagen.

Henrik Føhns – Anchor & Editor at TECHTOPIA podcast
Digital Technology and Futurism
TECHTOPIA is a tech podcast with a societal perspective focusing on industry 4.0 and the technologies that are going to affect companies. Anchor Henrik Føhns lets us in on the technologies he currently is most excited about and predicts the trends of 2019.