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Copenhagen FinTech Week 2019


Charlie Tango

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Copenhagen Fintech Week gathered hundreds of the world's Fintech leaders to learn and do business, network and exchange views and knowledge on how Fintech is impacting and transforming industries globally. This year, Copenhagen FinTech Week showed the world how fintech is impacting much more than traditional finance – and provided the opportunity to explore top fintech trends in topics like Sustainability, Smart Cities Fintech Partnerships, Big Tech, Data Ethics and more.

We interviewed both start-ups and established players within the financial services industry, and you can find all the talks below, including interviews with Lunarway, UnionBank of the Philippines, Smart Pension, Citi, Revolut, and Tobi.

Our Chief Digital Officer, Tim Frank Andersen, proudly presented this years’ Nordic Fintech Design Award powered by Charlie Tango to Undo. 

Tim Frank Andersen participated in a panel debate about design as a strategic advantage together with Julie Schramm Rasmussen User Researcher, Nets Innovation Hub , Simon Bentholm Head of Product at Penni.io , Raiha Buchanan Founder of Women in FinTech, Signe Julie Valeur CMO, Lunar Way and Michael McKay Head of Design Thinking and UX Design, Ørsted.

In an article brought in the Copenhagen Fintech Magazine, our CEO, Lars Bjørn Falkenberg, shared his perspectives on the potential and challenges of increased personalization and automation in the financial services industry. You can read the full article here.

Lasse Kalker – Business Development Manager at Revolut
Minimize unnecessary costs when abroad
You might not put much thought into it when taking out money abroad or making international transfers, but poor exchange rates and other hidden fees can result in quite a lot of unnecessary costs.

Ken Villum Klausen – CEO & Founder at Lunar Way
Decentralization of banking
It is rare that banks have the best products on all verticals why having all your products with one sole provider oftentimes is the second-best solution

Jacob Munk-Stander – CEO & Co-Founder at Tobi
Looking beyond traditional child savings
Take a far-sighted approach to your children’s long-term savings that is similar to pension funds

Ornit Shinar – Head of Venture Investing Israel at Citi Israel
Israel – a booming technology hub
With one of the highest numbers of start-ups pr. capita, international companies want in on the innovation happening in Israel and Citi is thus opening up subsidiaries in the hub

Dan McLaughlin – Director of International at Smart Pension
Modern pension proposition
Access information about your pension schemes in real-time at your fingertips with a fully digitalized pension experience

Arvie de Vera – Senior Vice President in Union Bank of the Philippines

Elevate lives through smart banking in a community
International companies are increasingly seeking out opportunities in the Philippines where 70% of the population do not have a bank

Thomas Krogh Jensen – CEO of Copenhagen FinTech 
Involve the global ecosystem to further FinTechs
Copenhagen Fintech Week aims to shed light on Scandinavian start-ups but at the same time creates awareness of what is happening on global scale paving the way for promising partnerships