Charlie Tango

Digital Copenhagen 2019


Charlie Tango

Rosenvængets Allé 11,

2100 2100 Copenhagen


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Charlie Tango Introduction

At Digital Copenhagen we gain insight into what is happening in regard to digitization of customer communication and marketing. Charlie Tango sheds light on how companies have a tendency to promise more than they can keep in order to attract clients and how this dilemma can be handled. 

Gerd Leonhard - Futurist keynote speaker with a focus on digital ethics

Ethics in Marketing

Marketing is about creating relationships and experiences  to achieve this companies must strive for real connectivity. GDPR and other frameworks force us to think deeper about how we run our marketing activities in the future.

Alistair Croll - Entrepreneur, author and event organizer. How do we make better decisions through data?

Engagement over content

Companies focus on creating an abundance of information instead of capturing attention but is the biggest risk that you cannot create a whitepaper or that no one will read it?

Kasper Søvsø - Head of Digital at Ørsted

Once an unavoidable electricity supplier, Ørsted is today facing increased competition and utilize data and digital solutions to stay relevant to their customers. They are currently rolling out smart meters showing hourly consumption data to positively shape consumer behaviour towards a more sustainable energy consumption.

Liselotte Lyngsø - Democratizing future studies

Three megatrends to tap into

Digitalization is creating a feedback crisis where we only meet each other digitally. We are able to do more with data even though human productivity falls. The demand for customized user experiences increase and lastly, we become more and more conscious about the environment and our society.